How to declutter your home after you move to Brooklyn

It is officially over – you have changed your place of residence and your life in Brooklyn can now start. However, there are some things that can make your new life somewhat harder. One of them can be, for example, having your home filled with items you rarely use. They are in your home ‘just in case’, but they are actually only taking your space. It is preferable to do this before the relocation, when you start packing. In case you did not have enough time, it is advisable to get rid of them when you settle in. So, in order to help you declutter your home, here are some pieces of advice.

Start with your bathroom

It is a good thing to start from this part of your home. Here you will find a great number of items that should be tossed. First of all, open your medicine cabinet and take everything out. Before you put all of the medications, makeup and skincare products back, check the date. If they are outdated, it will be easier for you to get rid of them.

The first part of your home to declutter should be your bathroom

After that, you should check all the cabinet drawers. You should use the same principle – take everything out and throw away the outdated items and those items you are not going to use anymore. And if you are about to move, this will save you some time for packing. Also, if you decide to hire a professional moving company like TLC Senior Move Experts or similar, this decluttering will save you money as well.

Next on your list should be bedrooms

When you enter a bedroom, you should make the bed first. It will be much easier for you to put there the items you would like to keep and separate them from the ones you would like to toss. You can start by checking the nightstand. Put away everything that should not be in there, like pens that have gone dry, empty tissue boxes and even chargers that no longer work. The next step would be checking your dressers and chests. Separate the clothing items you no longer want in there and put them on the bed. If some of them are of no use, feel free to throw them away. In case there are some clothes that are in good condition, you can give them to your relatives or neighbors or you can donate them.

When you decide to declutter your home, pay special attention to your kitchen

This can be quite a challenge since there are many different types of items and it will be hard for you to decide what to throw away. On the other hand, just think about how functional your kitchen is going to be after this. You can start, for example with the lower cabinets. Take everything out, if your kitchen is large enough, and check the condition of your cutlery and crockery.

Kitchen utensils
When it comes to your kitchen utensils, it is preferable to get rid of those that are damaged

If some item is damaged, it is preferable to throw it away and get a new one. Also, if you have more items of the same kind, such as cutting boards and utensils, choose one you will keep. You should get rid of the others- once you put everything back, you will see that you will function much better this way. When you finish with this part, move on to the upper cabinets and do the same.

Decluttering your living room will take more time

When you decide to declutter your home, you should know that you will need more time for the living room. It is advisable to start with bookcases and side tables- leave your coffee table for the end. Empty them, one by one, and check what their content is. Throw away the items that should not be there and that are no longer usable. After that, you can feel free to put back everything you will need. Of course, it is advisable to do this on a regular basis. In this way, you will avoid piling up things and you will need less time to declutter the living room.

A technique that can be of great help

If you do not prefer to declutter your home in this way, there are other alternatives. One of them is the so-called four-box method. What you should do is to get four boxes and put the following labels on each of them: ‘keep’, ‘give away’, ‘donate’, ‘relocate’. After that, go from room to room and think about where to put each and every item. This can make it easier for you to decide what to do with your things. You will check all the items and will be able to declutter your home quickly.

If you want to use this method to declutter your home, you will need four boxes
If you want to use this method to declutter your home, you will need four boxes

You can also experiment with numbers

According to this method, you need to think of a number of clothing items you are going to wear for a certain period of time. For example, you can try to wear only 33 articles for 3 months. If you manage to do this with no problem, it means that you actually do not need the rest of your clothes. You can learn to live with less and make your life simpler. In case you think this is not enough, feel free to pick a number on your own.

Keeping your home clean and neat has never been easy. If we do not pay attention on time, we usually end up with crammed shelves and closest. Luckily, there are some tricks you can do in order to make your home clean again. We have made a list of tips to help you deal with this problem and solve it quickly. It does not matter which of these you are going to take. What is important is to remove everything that stands on the way of your satisfaction. After that, you can even upgrade your apartment and make your home in Brooklyn even prettier.