Cross country relocations 101

Moving across the country is a difficult task, especially when you compare it to a local move. However, there are some excellent ways to make this kind of move easier. We are here to let you know some tips and tricks on how to make cross country relocations much easier to handle and conduct with as little stress as possible.

Decluttering is important for cross country relocations

Many believe that this is a step that you can skip. But in reality, this is is the step that you shouldn’t skip if you want your move to be much easier to deal with. Having a lot of unnecessary stuff makes a move heavy. Plus wasting packing supplies on something you don’t need isn’t budget friendly. But even if you have an unlimited budget, keeping the things you don’t use that often just creates a mess. And dealing with clutter is much worse than to simply declutter.

Decluttering gives you many options:

  • donate
  • sell online or host a yard sale
  • throw away.

Our tip is to try to do all three in the order we mentioned them. If you make any money, it will come in handy for the packing supplies.

Packing Supplies

As you are moving across the country you want to have the best possible packing supplies you can find. Because moving across the country means your belongings will constantly be driven around and you never know what can happen. Even if you hire the best moving company – Moving Kings Van Lines FL. So make sure you have sturdy boxes of all sizes. You also want to tape your boxes nicely so they don’t open during the moving process.

woman with a box
It’s important to have good supplies when you are moving across the country.

Remember to label the boxes. Box labeling will come in handy when you are ready to unpack. This way you’ll know exactly where are the things you need. Plus you are making sure that your movers know how to stack the boxes. If they stack a lot of boxes on a box that contains fragile stuff, it might make big damage.

Packing Tips

When packing fragile items you want to add extra safety. So get some wrapping paper, styrofoam. Anything to fill up the box and add security.

When packing, make sure you pack smartly. We will tell you how to do so. Start by packing the things you use the least and decoration pieces – pictures, paintings, knick-knacks, art. You have to be careful when moving your art pieces so remember to pack them nicely too. Move onto the towels, bed sheets. Another great idea is to pack fragile items with your towels. This way you’ll need fewer boxes for packing. After you’ve got that out of the way it’s time to pack your clothes.

Before you even start to pack, hire a moving company that will help you with your move.

towels on shelves
Use towels to secure fragile items.

Hire a moving company

If you think you don’t need a moving company to help you with your cross country relocation you are very wrong. Moving all your belongings by yourself will make your life a living hell. By hiring a reliable moving company like you will make your move much smoother. They always make sure everything goes the way you planned it to go. Remember that it is really important to hire a reliable moving company even if you need to spend more money. Reliable moving companies cost more for a reason, a very good one. If anything goes wrong when you move with a reliable moving company, they always either repair or refund the damage. So have that in mind when you are deciding on which company to hire.

Essentials Box/Bag

When moving cross country, if you are not flying by plane, you are most certainly getting there by car. If you are doing so, you need an essentials box. This will come in handy not only during your trip but after you arrive at your new home too. These are the things you need daily and because you will most likely be tired after the trip, it’s best to have these things with you the whole time. Especially if you are moving as a single parent. This box or bag should contain:

  • First-aid kit, chargers, alarm clock and keys 
  • Toiletries, hand or baby wipes, towels, sheets and pillows and eating utensils for everyone
  • Toilet paper, tissues, flashlight, medication and can opener
  • Simple meals like mac and cheese and soup
  • Bottled water, simple snacks like dried fruit and nuts, portable toolkit and pet items like leashes, dishes, meds and food
  • Important records, pen, paper, a list of phone numbers, duct tape, cash and credit cards and changes of clothing
  • Cleaning supplies

Make sure you organize this box or bag while you are still in your old home so you can be prepared immediately when you arrive.

bag on the floor
Essentials should be packed in a box or a bag so you can get to them any time.

Stay Relaxed during cross country relocations

Cross country relocations can bring out the worst in people. They are really stressful and not easy to do. Even people who have moved before say that this is a very stressful thing. But this is a time when you don’t need the stress. You should stay calm and if it might seem easy – it’s not. You are under constant worry and panic.

Remember to drink water and if possible tea. Make sure you are well rested because cross country relocations are very tiring. Stay active after the move and if possible before the move so you don’t hurt yourself. If you do hurt yourself, visit a doctor. Remember to talk to your family openly as you are all in this together. And if you are moving alone, it’s nice to have someone you can talk to go with you. And if that’s not possible, make a good playlist that will last you for hours.