Creative living room ideas to make your day brighter

To be able to completely relax in the afternoon or have a nice chat with your friends implies you need to have the balance of each element in your living room. And to create a pleasant ambiance, you need to choose comfortable furniture, to accentuate interesting details, adjust wall color with adequate lighting… But – how to do all this at once? If you need help, we have tons of creative living room ideas. So you can have a good day, every day!

Move safely

Before you start decorating your new living room, you need to move the old one. Think about how much things will you change and which things are you going to keep and which ones got to go for good. We recommend hiring a professional moving company like Lifestyle Moving LLC to keep your things as safe as possible. Also, don’t get rid of things like the sofa and TV just yet – you may need them before the new ones arrive.

creative living room ideas
Make every day brighter with simple ideas

Search the Internet for creative living room ideas

Once you’re moved in safely, you need to unpack in a proper way. You could be a pro at unpacking after the Brooklyn move. Then, look for inspiration on creative living room ideas. And in this digital era, it’s not hard to get really good ideas. Try searching on Pinterest or design sites – and choose the patterns, colors, furniture, and details that you like. Of course, some creative living room ideas may just be too much because of the budget or your living room dimensions. That’s why you should always look after details and exact proportions. It may happen that something that looks good on the photo is not ideal for your apartment at all. Being strategic and having a plan are the most important things in any work.

Play it safe

The more you do your research, the better your living room will look once you start decorating it. By researching, you reduce the possibility of error and unnecessarily invested money. You can start by researching how to decorate a small apartment. If you have a bigger place, read the tips of famous decorators, learn and apply them in your living room. You can start by painting your room in one color that goes well with many other colors. So instead of yellow, you can try white ivory, just to be safe. In this way, you can always change it or apply other colors that easily go with white.

modern sofa
You can’t go wrong with white

Sofa is important

The central place of each living room is a seating place, whether it’s a sofa, a couch, a corner set and so on. The color of the sofa can follow the color of the room or be diametrically opposed. Our advice is to get a sofa or couch that has a classic, timeless look. In this way, you won’t have to change it every year. There is also one rule when it comes to this: do not place a sofa next to the wall. This can reduce the visual aspect of the whole living room. A better option may be to turn the sofa to the door. Also, behind the sofa, you can put a shelf for books, closet, etc.

A table is important too

Every living room has a table (or maybe even a bar). Tables give certain warmth to the whole area, as this is the place where you will put drinks or food once you have people over. Tables can be in various shapes, materials, and colors. Still, if your sofa and walls are bright, try to buy a darker-colored table and vice versa. In this way, you will add some contrast to the whole room and bring focus to the middle. Also, living room table should be of medium size. Too big or too small tables just don’t have any point here.

living room with details
Everything revolves around the table

A carpet and its magic

Besides the table and sofa, carpet can give a certain element to the living room. The size of the carpet depends on what kind of floor do you have. Assuming you have a new parquet or a laminate floor that is darker than the walls and ceilings, you should add a carpet in a suitable color. This color should be similar to the basic color of the room; so close as walls but not as bright so you can clean it easier. If you want a feeling of comfort and relaxation, you can place pillows on the carpet. Also, the carpet should be just along the sofa and not asymmetrical to the room.

Curtains bring life to living rooms

If you plan to have curtains, there are several unwritten rules for creative living room ideas. First of all, the curtains should be about a bit away from the ceiling and bit away from the floor. In this way, the room will look longer and the windows will look taller. Besides this, curtains do not have to be from one wall to another. The better ideas are to widen them and this space will give a better effect. For larger rooms, you can also use color blinds. They will give the room a sense of proportion.

What about lighting

Lighting is very important in a living room. Instead of just one source of lighting, use more lights, in form of lamps, ceiling lighting, lighting set behind the objects etc. This lighting will give the room a feeling of intimacy, relaxation, and warmth.

It’s all about the details

Once you arrange all mail aspects in the room, it’s time for smaller details. Use the details you like to make your living room comfortable. These can be pictures, books, vases, figurines etc. After that, keep an eye on the balance in the room. If in one part of the living room there are a lot of details, balance another with a reading corner for example. You can put a chair with some books, or just separate details to have a better balance. Also, don’t be afraid to combine different styles with details. After all, those are the popular trends in the art scene in Brooklyn. You do not have to make all things look the same. Feel free to combine different types and textures of wood, wires, metals etc, see what fits you the best and enjoy it.