Commercial moving checklist

Moving your office can be demanding. Maybe even more complex than moving your house. Furthermore, commercial moving involves your employees, clients as well as taking care of your business deadlines and many more tasks. No one can understand you better than our commercial movers Brooklyn NY, because we know what you are going through. According to this, we prepared a commercial moving checklist to keep in mind before you even started.

Commercial moving checklist for an easy office move

Planning and organization are key to having a commercial move go off without a hustle. A good strategy is crucial and can save time and money during the office move. So we are glad to help you to coordinate logistics ahead of time to prevent any obstacles from happening along the way. The more time you spend on commercial moving, the less cost-efficient your move will be for your business. To save yourself time carefully evaluate your upcoming office move. One solution is your best option – hiring professional office movers. Even if you are relocating your offices long-distance, we should be your first call. Our team of moving experts will not let you down.

Create a commercial moving checklist.

Several months before your commercial move

  • Get estimates from at least 5 moving companies. It is important to see which moving companies fit your budget. But also if it can service your area. After you get them, learn how to compare moving quotes.  
  • Select and book a moving company.
  • Identify items to be purchased for the new office space.
  • Determine if you need office moving insurance. Your entire business could depend on one single piece of equipment. You might want to invest in the security of important office equipment, so consider additional coverage insurance options ahead.
  • Prepare a budget. Having a commercial moving budget set will help prevent you from overspending.
  • Assemble a planning team. Did you determine a point person for the move? Decide ahead who should participate in the planning process.
Commercial moving
Make a schedule for every month.

Three months before

  • Confirm and lock in your moving date. Once you have confirmed your new office space, make a reservation with movers or secure other moving arrangements.
  • You need to notify your employees about the office relocation date. Begin purging unneeded documents, files, and office items. Moreover, you should assign teams that will take care of some of the moving-related tasks.
  • Together you could draft a commercial moving checklist of your upcoming move. Don’t forget to notify local partners, affiliates, and suppliers of your relocation.

Two months before

  • Identify and update company subscriptions, mailing address,
    and stationary.
  • Design a floor plan.
  • Arrange for phone and internet installation.
  • Make a plan for setting up computers and IT systems.

One month before

Label and tag your office’s items to avoid losing anything. Send an email notification to let your clients and customers know where they can reach you going forward. Talk to your team and prepare them for stress-free commercial moving. Remind your employees to prepare all their items ahead to avoid stress as much as possible.