Celebrities that live in Brooklyn

Celebrities that live in Brooklyn are proof that this part of the New York became very popular. As a matter of fact, in the past decade many famous actors, singer, and artists have bought studios in Brooklyn. You can also consider moving to Brooklyn, and be closer to your favorite actor or movie star.

When has Brooklyn become so popular?

During the 20th century, this part of the NYC was not that popular among celebrities. One of the most popular actresses, Rita Hayworth, was born in Brooklyn. But when she became popular, she moved from Brooklyn. After that, nobody heard her ever mention her origin or place of birth. Today, on the other hand, the famous actress lost her last penny to buy a small condo here. They do that just to be one of the celebrities that live in Brooklyn.

Celebrities that live in Brooklyn usually choose expensive condos
Expensive condos are common in Brooklyn

Why Brooklyn become so popular?

It is not hard to explain why celebrities that live in Brooklyn have chosen this part of NY for their place for living. In the past few years, it was only one of the NY parts for regular people who do not have money for expensive flats in Manhattan. Today things became opposite of that. You could feel that Brooklyn became expensive because of them. If you have planned to move there, be prepared for that fact. The goal of Brooklyn moving companies is to make Brooklyn closer to ordinary people.

New York is not so popular among celebrities anymore

In old days especially, celebrities wanted to be closer to the Central Park and narrow center of the NY. Even though we used to see that celebrities live in SoHo or Central Park, they do not want it anymore. When something becomes popular, everybody wants to have it. Besides that, celebrities that live in Brooklyn had many reasons to choose it for a living:

  • Celebrities that live in Brooklyn have chosen this part of NY because they will be “under the radar” of fans and paparazzo;
  • They have a lot of cultural offering in Brooklyn;
  • Brooklyn has so many restaurants and bars;
  • People who love old houses made of bricks will surely love Brooklyn;
  • Brooklyn has many key-low bars;
  • Brooklyn is known to a high cost of living, which is not a big problem for celebrities.

Migration on Brooklyn started in 90’ and celebrities that live in Brooklyn have settled there in past few decades. Some of them were even born there. Other celebrities that live in Brooklyn have chosen it as a place of living.

Celebrities that live in Brooklyn

There is a long list of the celebrity people who have chosen to live in Brooklyn. They have decided to buy an expensive flat and start with life there. There are few parts of the Brooklyn that are popular among celebrities. Some of them are Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo and Park Slope. You can see that celebrities that live in Brooklyn actually chose neighbors with other celebrities.

Celebrities that live in Brooklyn Heights

Some of the celebrity people who have chosen to live there are Matt Damon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Spike Lee. This part of the Brooklyn is known for very low rent prices, great parks and surely some of the best schools in Brooklyn. Celebrities that live in Brooklyn Heights usually choose good places for the children. Follow their experience when moving to Brooklyn.

Stores in Brooklyn are small but cute
Celebrities love those small stores and shops in Brooklyn

Celebrities that live in Park Slope

There are two famous names that pop up in Park Slope. They are Steve Buscemi and John Turturro. As we can see, both are famous for their charisma and roles of bad guys.

Other parts of the Brooklyn

There are other celebrities that are scattered in Brooklyn. Some of them are Anne Hathaway, which was born in Brooklyn and currently resides in the neigborhood of Dumbo. If you love movies about 007 and Daniel Craig, you will be surprised to know that he lives in Cobble Hill. On the other hand, Ethan Hawke has chosen Boerum Hill for his home. One of the famous actor, Wesley Snipes, lives in Clinton Hill. Alissa Milano lives in Bensonhurst where she also happened to grow up.

Celebrities that were born in Brooklyn

As we said, in old days famous actors did not want to say that they are from Brooklyn. This part of the NY has been known to poor citizens and old houses. Today, however, those houses have been renovated and sold for very high prices. One of the celebrities that live in Brooklyn, Spike Lee, has been an opponent to the gentrification of the Brooklyn. He claims that those houses are part of the Brooklyn and people who lived there. Born in Brooklyn, Spike wants to bring back Brooklyn to its first owners and look. As far as we consider, this will be hard to achieve.

Why celebrities who were born there do not want to leave it?

It is hard to avoid the fact that everybody loves the place where they grew up. Even though celebrities can buy the house whenever they want, something in Brooklyn pulls them back.

Celebrities that live in Brooklyn are usualy born there and never really move from Brooklyn
A spirit of Brooklyn pulls back people who were born there.

Which famous celebrities live in Brooklyn for a whole life?

Among celebrities that live in Brooklyn or recently lived, there are also Joan Rivers, Mike Tyson, Larry King, and Adam Sandler. One of popular actress Edie Falco, known to TV shows “Sopranos” and “Nurse Jackie” was born there. As a matter of fact, she never left Brooklyn. She said once that she felt it as part of her heart and soul. For things to be more interesting, both TV shows that she played in are situated in Brooklyn.

Why would ordinary people choose Brooklyn to reside in?

As we saw, celebrities that live in Brooklyn have their reasons to choose this place for living. It is a great place for its popularity, but also culture. However, the price of rent and real estate do not hold the promise of a pleasurable life for the ordinary man. According to experienced Brooklyn moving companies, this is a hipsters’ part of NY. Besides that, many families have kept their old houses or inherited them from their parents. On the other hand, do not worry about the cost of living. You still can find a good house or a flat and live comfortably on a low budget.