Top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit

There are many reasons to visit Brooklyn, but there are top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit and enjoy great music. Everybody knows that Brooklyn is one of the greatest cities in the world. It has many different cultures, nations, and types of people who live there together. Brooklyn is maybe the most popular multicultural city in the US. It literally celebrates diversity and uniqueness. Continue reading “Top music festivals in Brooklyn to visit”

Things to know when moving to NYC as a young professional

You are a young who wants to make it the world? Well NYC is the place to be. The opportunities that the city and its people can provide can be found nowhere else. If you have a new and good idea, NYC is more than happy to help you make it a happen. But there are many pitfalls to avoid if you want to be successful when moving to NYC as a young professional. Here are a few tips on how to make your NYC dream a reality. Continue reading “Things to know when moving to NYC as a young professional”

Brooklyn vs. Manhattan – which is better for you?

When you think of a capital of the world, what is the first city that pops up? If this were the 19th or 20th century, you might think of Paris perhaps. However, this is the 21st century and New York is the place to be in, Manhattan in particular. So, in a matchup of Brooklyn vs. Manhattan, how would each hold up?

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Find out what are some popular trends in art scene in Brooklyn

There are not many people who haven’t heard of New York. Although Manhattan still has the reputation of being the most popular New York’s borough, the other parts of this city have the reputation of their own. Queens is known as the birthplace of some very popular people, US Open Tennis Championship, NY Mets. Long Island is known for its beautiful beaches and water sports. The Bronx is recognized as the place of hip-hop and rap music, as well as the last residence of Edgar Allan Poe. Brooklyn, on the other hand, is well known for its ethnic, racial and national diversity among the citizens. However, the art scene in Brooklyn is also something very worth mentioning. If you’re new in Brooklyn there are some things you should know about.
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How to Pick the Right Brooklyn School for Your Child?

If you are moving to Brooklyn with children, first you need to find the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families and then, the right Brooklyn school for your child.

You have a dilemma. Public or private school NYC? Which school is the best for my kid? We can’t give you the exact answer to your questions but we can help you with our tips to choose the right Brooklyn school for your child.
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Top 5 live music venues in Brooklyn borough

Moving to Brooklyn is a life-changing event! Relocating to Kings County you’re actually becoming an inhabitant of the greatest city in the world, NYC. Imagine how many different kinds of opportunities are there, just waiting for you to grab them. No matter whether we’re discussing job, restaurants, kids friendly neighborhoods or nightlife. Whatever you might be interested in, my experience is that you’ll never have a problem finding it in Brooklyn, or at least in New York as a whole. For instance, talking about live music venues in Brooklyn, I’m sure that rarely any city on Earth can claim to have better places to enjoy it. To prove this, we decided to write an article with the most recommended live music venues in Brooklyn. At least according to inhabitants of Brooklyn. We interviewed both, those born here and newcomers to this New York City’s borough. Continue reading “Top 5 live music venues in Brooklyn borough”

Is moving to Brooklyn a smart move?

So that’s how you’re feeling? You’re packing your boxes and hiring a Brooklyn mover to relocate to Kings County. Smart move, your friends say. Yet, there are those asking you is moving to Brooklyn a smart move? They heard how unsafe it is. Besides, haven’t you heard of Brooklyn gangs? Surely, they got right. You might think. Yes, you saw those movies with all sorts of criminal happening in NYC borough of Brooklyn.Only, your colleague moved there three years ago and up to now hasn’t had even one trouble. While the opportunities are jumping him everywhere he goes. Two sides of a story. This brings you to an uncomfortable situation. You’re picturing different problematic situations that could happen. What should you do? You’re moving with a family, you need to be careful. So, is moving to Brooklyn a smart move? Read on and find out the answer! Continue reading “Is moving to Brooklyn a smart move?”

Life in Brooklyn – opportunities for a newcomer

You’re thinking about moving to New York. Brooklyn seems like a great option. It’s not as expensive as Manhattan. Still, it’s not too far away, so you can enjoy in it. Besides, you’d be living in NYC! The only thing that makes you uncertain about the move is that you don’t know what is like the life in Brooklyn. You’re doing the research, but you can’t find any interesting articles. Asking people doesn’t make sense- you know nobody who lives in NYC. Well, my friend, your troubles are over. We’re here to present you the most important aspects of life in Brooklyn. Reading this article you shall find out what are your life opportunities in Brooklyn! In order to give you an information about a lot of life segments in Brooklyn, we won’t be too lengthy in explanations, saying only the things you’d be interested in.
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