What to be careful about when hiring moving services in Brooklyn

Moving to a new apartment is often one of the most significant events in the life of each family. You can safely transport all the things you need for a new place in several different ways. Some ask for help from friends or acquaintances, while others try to cope with their own strength. And still, others decide on hiring moving services in Brooklyn from a relocation company that provides movers and organizes the entire process. Those companies can be great support for your upcoming move.

Hiring moving services in Brooklyn
Be careful when hiring moving services in Brooklyn

Where to look for professionals

Many companies operate in the market in any city. But not all of them are able to really deal with the apartment-moving in a qualitative manner. Your task is to find a mover who, at the best price, will quickly and accurately transport everything. One of the best ways to find top NYC moving services is probably the Internet. Thanks to an extensive worldwide network, it is easy to find companies operating in a specific region, familiarize yourself with the history of their activities and read customer reviews.

What to look for when hiring moving services in Brooklyn

The main points when hiring moving services in Brooklyn should be the time of its presence in the market, the provision of guarantees of quality and the costs of services. The term “presence in the market” directly relates to work experience. Older companies in the past have already encountered all possible errors and do not allow them in the present. Their employees can easily anticipate and avoid the most potential problems.

How much does it cost to move

An important point is also the cost of services. How much it will cost the move and the loaders, in the end, depends on the pricing policy. There are several methods for estimating the cost of services:

  • hourly wage per loader;
  • fixed cost of moving;
  • evaluation by the number of things.

In practice, hourly pay for loaders is most often used. This method is used for small volumes of moves when you need to transport property from a small apartment or office. Unscrupulous movers can slow down to increase the total amount of payment, and you should be prepared for this.

Fixed payment involves a preliminary arrival of the manager at the place of future work, who will evaluate their value. He will announce the amount that will not change later. Evaluation on the site may differ from the stated price by phone. Low hourly rates can be combined with pay per quantity. As a result, you can lose a lot trying to save money.

Man holding money
Be careful! You don’t want to waste your money

How to make the right decision when hiring moving services in Brooklyn

Among the many moving companies in today’s logistics market, finding a truly reliable mover is not easy. The main thing you need to do is take an active position and “test the ground” well. Therefore, the more information you can gather, the easier it will be to choose a really good mover.

Today, the business card of any transport company is its website. There you can find out the history of the company, its age, scope, the range of services, etc. Additional information can also be found in the specialized press and on the Internet portals about moving. It is not bad to read reviews and look at the “blacklists“. From all these sources, you can get a general idea of what a particular moving company is, and whether you should trust it at all. This way you can easily avoid fraudulent Brooklyn movers.

Your idea of the company can be positive, but it can help to talk with its manager to convince yourself of the reliability of the company. If this conversation is complete and competent, your upcoming move will be successful and comfortable. Do not be afraid to seem tedious and intrusive, do not be afraid to ask many questions. The civilized loader will be polite with the client and will answer all his questions.

Here is a list of questions that will help you not to make mistake when hiring moving services in Brooklyn

Clouds with questions
Ask as many questions as you like

Does the company offer a free moving estimate?

Moving estimate at an early stage allows you to estimate the total cost of moving. You can also compare moving companies in the price range. Nevertheless, it is nice when the evaluation service is free.

What are the final costs of the move and how do they form them?

Ask about the cost of each service included in the relocation list – so you know exactly what you are paying for. It is possible to find affordable moving companies in Brooklyn, you just need all the information.

Indicate whether the company will require some of your money before they start working. As a rule, reliable companies do not do such a thing.

Does the company work in the evening, on weekends and holidays?

Is there an extra charge for such a move? Professional companies work without breaks and weekends. The main thing for them is to be useful for the client and to satisfy his needs.

Does the company own personnel loaders or hire temporary workers?

Trustworthy movers do not allow people “from the street” to work for them. In addition, they provide training for their employees.

Does the company’s transportation meet the requirements for the transportation of valuable property?

It is necessary to know that a vehicle specially designed for transportation must be covered with cushioning material (to minimize shocks of shaking during transportation) and equipped with side fixtures for fixing furniture and things.

Is there property insurance?

Moving insurance is another definite sign that you are hiring moving services in Brooklyn from a reliable company. Therefore, ask under what conditions and for what amount you can insure the property.