Can you keep a pool table in a garage?

If playing pool is your favorite form of entertainment, you’ve probably always wanted to have a pool table within easy reach. But, it’s not simple to keep a pool table in your home, as they are bulky and take up a lot of space. Ideally, you would have an extra room or a dedicated game room. Otherwise, you need to consider the best storage solution. In this case, garage space is often the answer. But can you keep a pool table in a garage? Best moving companies Brooklyn have tips on what to consider when putting your idea into practice.

Check whether you’ll have enough space for your pool table

If your pool table is of regular size, you should anticipate having 48 to 58 inches of free space around the table. That way, you’ll be sure to get sharp shots with your team of players without bumping into walls or other things around you. If your garage is big enough but full of other items, make sure to free up the space for storing a pool table. Also, if you have a car in your garage, consider whether you’ll have enough room to play without your vehicle getting in the way.

garage with a black door
To answer the question: can we keep a pool table in a garage, you have to consider the dimensions of the garage and the pool table.

What kind of pool table can be placed in a garage?

If you don’t intend to deal with garage wall insulation and air conditioning, make sure that the pool table you put there is a slate table. Slate pool tables are bend-resistant and can serve you for decades. Besides, slate is a type of rock, so it is resistant to moisture and heat. On the other hand, if you have a pool table made of medium-density fiberboard, consider whether is it worth storing in a garage without insulation.

Yellow ball on the pool table.
Before placing a pool table in the garage, consider factors such as humidity and your storage needs.

It’s a fact that, even with a sealant, MDF tables do not have a long lifespan. You can expect them to resist moisture for a few years, and after that, they’ll most likely warp. So, if you have nowhere else to put your MDF table, consider putting it in a climate controlled storage Brooklyn until the next time you need it.

Consider the climate and garage insulation first

If a garage to keep your pool table is the final decision consider temperature changes. Humidity can damage the table, as can vast differences in temperature throughout the year. If the weather conditions are humid, mold can cause changes to the pool table. The wood will begin to swell and bend, and if it is metal, it will cause rust. The pool cushions will also harden due to temperature changes. In short, your pool table will not last as long as it would in your home. So make sure your garage is well-ventilated and insulate all gaps to prevent moist air from entering.

Consider that the garage can be unbearably hot or cold depending on the time of year. It will only make it harder to enjoy your favorite game while trying to cool down or wear a heavy winter jacket. All of these factors should be noted when answering the question: Can you keep a pool table in a garage?

How to properly insulate your garage?

The temperature in the garage will be more stable if you insulate the walls and floors. Thus, heating and cooling will be better. You will provide the conditions to protect the pool table from deterioration, and the playing conditions will be more pleasant.

  • Cover concrete floors
    Bare concrete can be very chilly during the winter. Install carpeting or rubber mats. You’ll also protect the billiard balls from breakage if they end up on the floor.
  • Dehumidifiers
    If you live in a humid environment, a dehumidifier can be helpful. Also, installing a fan in the garage for air circulation will help prevent mold and damage to the pool table.

Ways to protect your pool table

To properly maintain your pool table, pool table movers NY can recommend you follow these steps:

  • Clean the pool table regularly. Use a brush to clean the surface of the table regularly. Also, use a blower to remove dust and bugs from the table.
  • Cover the table with a pool cover. It will protect the table from unwanted dust and bugs. The garage is not the cleanest place in your home, so you will protect it from dirt and wear.
  • A pool table is not a place to store stuff. It may seem convenient to put something on the table, but don’t do it. It will shorten the life of the pool table felt. Also, don’t use the pool table as a work surface. It is not necessary to use the pool table as a work surface.
  • Keep your pool table in a safe place. Think of all the items you keep in your garage. Next to the car, there is often a pile of other stuff. Reorganize them before you add a pool table. You wouldn’t want the car right next to the table. Find a way to keep the car and pool table a safe distance apart.
A man and a woman are playing pool.
Holding the pool table in the garage takes a little more effort, but with a few steps, you and your teammates can continue the game.

Leveling of the pool table with shim

Now that you know that you indeed can put your pool table in the garage, you’ll still need a moving service NYC to place it there. Once you do, make sure to level it, and the easiest way to level a pool table is to use shims. It may not be very aesthetically pleasing to have several shims stacked under the table legs, but that can be fixed too. Place the pool table on a nice rug, and it’s done. You can also cut out rubber mats and dress up the table legs with decorative curtains.

Hopefully, this article answers your questions about whether can you keep a pool table in a garage. After all, it’s true that a garage can be a perfect place for your favorite game. By following these tips, we’re sure your garage will become a place for you and your friends to gather and set some new pool records.