Brooklyn vs. Manhattan – which is better for you?

When you think of a capital of the world, what is the first city that pops up? If this were the 19th or 20th century, you might think of Paris perhaps. However, this is the 21st century and New York is the place to be in, Manhattan in particular. So, in a matchup of Brooklyn vs. Manhattan, how would each hold up?

Brooklyn vs. Manhattan – Moving around in each

Unlike its more famous brother, Brooklyn is not as congested as Manhattan. The home of skyscrapers amazes with its vibe and the speed at which life goes by. Nevertheless, you aren’t going to be sitting at Times Square observing the passers-by. You will have to make a living in it, day in day out, rushing, working, grinding. Manhattan can be a drag to move around, go grocery shopping or even crossing a street.

Brooklyn vs. Manhattan: both are easily accessible by the subway
Brooklyn vs. Manhattan: both are easily accessible by subway

You will find none of that in Brooklyn, at least not at the same scale. Brooklyn is more walk-friendly than Manhattan is and with good subway connections throughout. Also, its neighborhoods are more locally oriented with small shops all around eliminating the need to go to Walmart all that often.  The only downside to commuting to Manhattan is the announced shutdown of L Line for a staggering 15 months starting in April 2019.

The price of real estate in Brooklyn is on the rise

Living in New York can be a dream come true, but with the costs of living going through the roof, it can also turn into a nightmare. In order not to, one might want to reconsider the chosen borough. Why not opt for, at a first glance, a less appealing, but ultimately more rewarding neighborhood to live in. For example, the one that sits on the other side of the East River; is a tunnel ride away; or takes just a short walk-across-the-famous-bridge to get to.

Brooklyn bridge walk
A short walk across the bridge will take you to Manhattan

While the price of real estate in Manhattan remains the most expensive among the five boroughs, the price of apartments in Brooklyn keeps on rising. Back in the day, Brooklyn used to be regarded as somewhat dangerous a borough fit for working class. Back in 2014, NY Times reported the price jump in almost all of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods. However, with the mentioned shutdown of the L line, reports of decreasing rent prices in certain areas of Brooklyn have surged. So, if you’re on a budget, now may be a good time to start looking around for a perfect place to settle down.

Why Brooklyn is basically the new Manhattan

The main issue with accommodation in Brooklyn is directly related to rent prices in Manhattan. Due to the incredible rise in white-collar jobs in Manhattan, the island has become too expensive for the middle class to live in. With so many people facing preposterous living costs, they swap their tiny apartments for more spacious ones just a bit further east. Demand is growing and so are the costs. Still, you can’t blame the newcomers – Brooklyn has so much to offer.

Talking about tiny apartments, here’s an example:

Cultural activities in Brooklyn vs. Manhattan

Manhattan is home to many world-famous museums: American Museum of Natural History, MoMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. If one would ask you which was the second largest museum in size in NYC, what would your guess be? Well, Brooklyn Museum hosts an exhibit of about 1.5 million art pieces and can give the Met the run for its money.

Should you be more into leisure activities, we suggest going for a swim at the famous Coney Island or Brighton beach or have a walk through Brooklyn`s version of Central Park called Prospect Park. Later, after a long day of sightseeing, it is the dinner time. Whether you’re into meaty meals or prefer organic vegan options, Brooklyn restaurants offer a lot.

Picture of a restaurant
It is not strange anymore to see Manhattan residents dining in Brooklyn

When it comes to sports, a sports fan, especially a newcomer, may find it difficult to decide where to move based on sports preferences. The issue is, both Manhattan and Brooklyn are homes to top-tier baseball, basketball and ice hockey teams making it easy to visit live games. Make sure you thoroughly think it through, because you surely wouldn’t wish to be squashed in the subway commuting every time you go to or head home from your favorite game.

Bottom line: the reason to choose Brooklyn vs. Manhattan

In order to come to a decision, we have to go back to the beginning and take a look at why people choose to move to one of the two boroughs in the first place:

  1. University
  2. Career
  3. Settling down


Fresh out of high school with the smell of student’s life just around the corner? Even the slightest possibility of studying in Manhattan can sound surreal, and it’s not for no good reason. Without a scholarship, paying for tuition in one of Big Apple’s universities is going to be pretty difficult, let alone in Manhattan. Plus, working and studying at the same time is a feat on its own. Yes, we know you’re going to have to do it anyway, but since you’re doing it, you might as well keep some of that money to yourself. After all, Brooklyn is full of students, musicians, and artist. Here’s a list of things you should know before moving to Brooklyn for college. Googling for prospects, aren’t you?

Career opportunities

Are you a young professional who finished college a few years back looking to advance your career? Looking to meet new people, work hard-party hard type of a person? If so, Manhattan is probably the place for you. Hustle hard and carry on!

Settling down

Alright, let’s assume you’re in your mid-thirties, married, probably a kid on the way or even expecting the second one? A lifetime of partying has taken its toll and your bachelor’s apartment cannot accommodate more than two? Now seems to be the right moment to look the future in the eye and recognize that the time has come to level up and start another epic journey of your lifetime. The journey that starts with the sun shining brightly through the window onto hardwood floors of your spacious three-bedroom apartment while the sound of a basketball from the backyard is pounding in your ears. You don’t get this kind of tranquility in Manhattan.

Choice Brooklyn vs. Manhattan can be quite difficult, make your to-do list and start packing! Once you’ve made your decision, it is time to look for the right moving company to help you get you to your new house quickly and safely.