Brooklyn Neighborhoods on a Budget – Top 3 To Look At

Let’s talk about the Brooklyn neighborhoods on a budget. So you’re either moving to Brooklyn, or you’re already there but you just wish to relocate. Either way you’re looking for something affordable given your steep budget. That’s fine, we got you covered. Brooklyn has quite a few locations that would fit these parameters you’re looking for. On top of all, even though it is on a budget, you still wish for it to be decent, right? Right. This will be taken into consideration. We weren’t only looking at the lowest price possible, we were also looking at what’s still decent and comfortable.

In contrast to Manhattan’s 24/7 approach to life, Brooklyn is more resembling a cozy, close little community. When I say this I genuinely mean that you’ll be able to hear warm and pleasant “Good Morning, how are you?” Even though you may not see it this way, this is a big deal to have. Manhattan is your up-tight, clean and sterile (some may argue – cold) borough. Brooklyn is like your silly, clumsy cousin that you can’t wait to visit. Brooklyn is the quieter, friendlier version of NYC. And with more trees. Moving to Brooklyn will never be a bad idea. We’ll try to help you fit your wish to live here with your budget!

Finding Brooklyn Neighborhoods on a Budget
Brooklyn in all it’s might!

Brooklyn Neighborhoods on a Budget – Bushwick

Brooklyn Neighborhoods on a Budget - Bushiwck
Bushwick Street Art Mural.

Vogue’s list of coolest neighborhoods listed Bushwick as number 7! Also referred to as poor mans Williamsburg. This neighborhood is a very hip, funky and fun one, covered entirely with various types of street art. The neighborhood mostly attracts younger souls who dwell in nightlife, fun foods and overall artistic spirits. But still, the most characteristic and iconic part of Bushwick is its uncanny street art. Also, this neighborhood is often referred to as ‘up and coming’!

Bushwick is very well connected to other parts of Brooklyn and beyond. Its very convenient location gives access to L, G, J, M, Z, A and C trains, allowing quick ins and outs of Manhattan, if need be.

It’s young, artsy and energetic vibe is appealing to many. On top of that, it’s price is quite decent. We’re talking about a median rent of $2600/month!

Brooklyn Neighborhoods on a Budget – Fort Greene

Fort Greene is one of the neighborhoods Broklyn is most proud of! Within its heart and soul we have the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). Aside from the Academy, Fort Greene has one of Brooklyn’s oldest parks. Fort Greene may have a bit of a ‘old’ look, but it is no such thing. The reason for this look is the fact that Fort Greene is home to many historic brownstones as well as row houses. But these give a very authentic vibe and feel once you walk these streets.

On top of this, Fort Green is famous for countless CitiBike stations as well as very wide streets. This makes it ideal for bikers! Additionally, Fort Greene’s most famous rendezvous location for people of all ages is the Fort Greene Park Greenmarket that opens every Saturday. You can listen to some live music whilst picking out organic food from nearby farms  and producers. And if that wasn’t enough, every Saturday (from April to November) you can enjoy the flea market that hosts more than 150 merchants!

The vibe this place gives out is youthful but ‘old’, busy and very dynamic! Located close to the Atlantic Avenue’s Barclays Center it is very conveniently positioned for commuting. You will be able to catch N, Q, R, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 trains!

All of this can be found at a median rent price of $3100/month. 

Brooklyn Neighborhoods on a Budget – Flatbush

Ah, last but not least we arrive to Flatbush! Out of the three Flatbush will have the lowest prices, which is one of the main reasons so many people are relocating over there. The first interesting thing about this affordable Brooklyn neighborhood is the amount of different cultures that reside here. You’ll have:

  • Caribbean
  • Pakistani
  • Indian
  • Central American
  • Jewish
  • Asian

The list goes on! You’ll have a chance to learn so much and mingle with many different cultures! Newcomers as well as the natives can enjoy the Flatbush Food Co-Op! This place has been feeding the residents since 1976! There is also the Kings Theatre. Once a movie place, now turned into a music venue.

The residential buildings are a vast variety of Victorian homes mixed with brick townhouses as well as stand alone houses and prewar apartment buildings. It can be considered a bit of a less safe environment but the crime has went down by a humongous amount. The numbers speak for themselves. Crime went down for about 85% since 1990!

Bottom line, this neighborhood is very affordable. On top of that it is growing and developing more and more, and while it does it will be increasing the quality of life within it. It gives out a diverse, growing and lively vibe that is always welcome. It is conveniently located so that it can help you get on 2, 5, B and Q trains, forcing you to spend about 40 minutes on a train to Manhattan.

The median rent price will go for about $1900/month.


Brooklyn Neighborhoods on a Budget
Brooklyn street style photography.

These were the top 3 picks we made for the most affordable, Brooklyn neighborhoods on a budget. Hopefully our list matches the one you made before making this decision! There are plenty of more to look at, so try not to limit yourself to these three!

Good Luck!