Brooklyn neighborhoods for nature lovers

Finding the best Brooklyn areas to live, play, work, and commute from is an exciting undertaking, no matter if you’re new to New York City or a lifelong resident. If you enjoy spending time outside, you may wonder if Brooklyn is a good fit for you. Luckily, there are plenty of great Brooklyn neighborhoods for nature lovers! If you decide to settle down in one of them, one of the best movers NYC can help you move there in no time! Meanwhile, to help you out we made a list of just few neighborhoods in Brooklyn you’d like as a nature enthusiast.

What are the most popular Brooklyn neighborhoods for nature lovers?

Brooklyn has developed into the coolest, top-trending boroughs in New York City during the past few decades. Since this borough is the most populated one, it has over 70 neighborhoods. That’s why it might seem hard to pick the ideal neighborhood to live in or visit, let alone spend time in the nature. However, there are many neighborhoods that are still green. Here’s just a short list of them!

Consider moving to Brooklyn Heights if you’d like to have a beautiful waterfront view

Brooklyn Heights is the quaint, attractive, and affluent neighborhood separated from lower Manhattan just be East River. This is one of the few neighborhoods left in New York City that still have backstreets and blocks of gorgeously renovated rowhouses. In Brooklyn Heights you may find some of the most breathtaking locations in the entire borough, so it was featured in several Hollywood productions.In fact, it was the first neighborhood to be listed in the 1965 Landmarks Preservation Law.

Brooklyn neighborhoods for nature lovers by night
Brooklyn neighborhoods are appropriate for living if you want nature, nightlife, or historical monuments.

One of the most popular destinations in this neighborhood is its beautiful and historic waterfront promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is next to it. Thousands of people take a walk there every day and enjoy the view of Manhattan from the other side of the river. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Brooklyn Heights found itself on this list of top Brooklyn neighborhoods for nature lovers.

Enjoy green spaces in Park Slope

Park Slope is famous for its townhouses, gardens, and museums. As such, it makes the list of one of Brooklyn’s most sought-after places to live in. This neighborhood is located on the northern side of Prospect Park, a vast open space for all city residents. Not only does Prospect Park have plenty of walking trails, but here you can also find Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Prospect Park. So, if you decide to hire Park Slope movers to move here, you’ll get to live in a true nature lover’s paradise!

Today, Park Slope is one of the nicest Brooklyn areas for New Yorkers to reside in. Therefore, a lot of tech employees, parents, and other people call this peaceful neighborhood home. Prospective homebuyers can even live one of the Victorian homes built in the 1880s with views of the beautiful park. And on top of that, they get to choose from a wide range of activities when exploring Park Slope. Excursions to the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Public Library are just few of them!

If you also love history and luxury, then Williamsburg, N.Y, is the right place for you!

When traveling from Manhattan, the L subway train makes its first stop in Brooklyn at Williamsburg. So, if you move here with a Williamsburg moving company, you’ll be able to get to your favorite nature spot in no time. However, you don’t have to travel to other parts of NYC looking for parks and places to relax. Domino Park, McCarren Park and Bushwick Inlet Park are just some of the green sports Williamsburg residents love!

The brick houses in Williamsburg
By many standards, Williamsburg is among the prettiest areas of Brooklyn.

Moreover, with high-end galleries and multimillion-dollar residences, this area has an incredibly rich historical, ethnic, and artistic legacy. That is perhaps one of the nicest neighborhoods in Brooklyn by many measures, but it has some of the most expensive rents in New York City. One-bedroom apartments cost, on average, $3,500 per month. However, you will be satisfied if you do manage to locate accommodation that is within your means. You’ll find yourself residing in a part of the city that is awesomely vibrant, incredibly walkable, and absolutely trendy.

Move to Prospect Heights before it gets popular

Between the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and the Brooklyn Museum, you can find the small, laid-back Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect Heights. This neighborhood still has affordable prices and excellent transportation alternatives. It’s also one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, as it’s close to Prospect Park and the famous Barclays Center. However, Prospect Heights is now going through a lot of development, so soon it might become more popular and expensive. That being said, office movers New York can help you if you decide to move your business to this perspective part of the city.

Down streets and brick buildings in the heart of Brooklyn
Prospect Heights is near Prospect Park and Barclays Center, which is their advantage.

Conclusion on the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for nature lovers

Everyone has distinct requirements and wants, and everyone has various perspectives regarding the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for nature lovers. The most useful tip we can provide you if you’re considering relocating to Brooklyn is to do your own research. You may shortlist a few communities you might want to live in, and then visit them to feel the vibe. Then you can really get a sense of what the area feels like at different times of the day. Other than that, trust your intuition! Don’t worry, despite the numerous headlines you are reading that suggest Brooklyn is the unsafest neighborhood. Pay attention to your instincts and search for the appropriate location.