Brooklyn moving- complete guide!

Moving to New York is an exciting life adventure. If prepared for it. And if conducted in the right manner. Therefore, you need to do a lot of things before you come to NYC. First of all, you need to collect valuable information regarding many things. For example about the job here, about the city itself, about the housing etc. Being that Brooklyn is the most attractive borough of New York for newcomers, we are going to specifically talk about moving to Brooklyn. Brooklyn moving is a step forward in your life. No matter if you are moving for a school, for a job, or simply for a better quality of life. Brooklyn offers all of that.

Brooklyn moving- how to do it?

Brooklyn moving- make a plan!
Read this guide and make your own plan how to conduct the Brooklyn moving!

Seal your decision about relocation to New York

  • Find out everything you can about what would your life look like if you move to Brooklyn, New York. First use the official site of New York to find out the basics. After that, use every possible source that offers you the information about New York, and about Brooklyn.
  • Become a New York tourist prior to your Brooklyn move. Explore the places you found to be interesting using the internet.Go to the Brooklyn neighbourhoods, and see how people live there. If you can, start a talk with people, ask them what you want to know. Some suggestions for those intending to make a Brooklyn move is to visit Brooklyn bridge, Parks Slope and Prospect park. For some more suggestions, look at the video:

  • Check on your savings. No matter how big it is, save more. New York is an expensive city, so moving to Brooklyn would be a challenge for you if not having enough money. Therefore, don’t conduct Brooklyn moving if you don’t have savings big enough. And talk to Brooklyn newcomers to hear their experiences. They could advise you how much is enough for the beginning.

Moving to Brooklyn requires finding a job!

Brooklyn moving- find a job prior to it!
Find a job prior to your relocation to Brooklyn

Prepare a good resume to compete for a job as a Brooklyn newcomer

Resume in the US is different from those in EU, in case you are moving to Brooklyn from Europe. So collect the information about that, prior to next steps in job seeking. The resume should reflect your desire to get a quality job as well as the enthusiasm about having everything that job requires. After creating a good resume, send it to as many addresses as you can. And hope to get an interview at a good company! This is the first and the most important step prior to the Brooklyn moving.

Underline that you’ll finance a travel to an interview- You’re planning a Brooklyn move anyway!

Note in a cover letter (don’t be careless and forget to send it together with your resume) that you are ready to pay the expenses of coming to an interview in New York. This will show how strong is your intention to get that specific job. On the other hand, you shall no have any other expense besides the one you planned. And that is moving to the Big Apple. Don’t be lazy. Write a good cover letter. And the most important- don’t forget to make clear that you’ll pay the transportation to a potential interview!

Connect to businesses in New York using the internet.

Be the one who takes steps before the actual need for them. The sooner you connect with the New York employer, the greater your chances are to get a job you want! There are various websites where you can do that. One of them, and maybe the best at the moment, is LinkedIn. Build your profile on those business websites, and put quite an effort in doing that. Being serious and responsible takes an effort. But it will pay back once you get the job you want and move to Brooklyn!

See this video to check on the plans for revitalization a job market in Brooklyn:

Secure the housing in Brooklyn prior to your New York move

  • Choose the Brooklyn neighbourhood where you would like to live after you make a move. Pick the neighbourhood based on your needs- being that single immigrants have different criteria than families moving to Brooklyn with children. 
  • Do the research on the available homes in the area you picked for your Brooklyn move. You get to choose if it will be an apartment or a house. Regardless to that, do pick a housing prior to your relocation to Brooklyn. It will mean a lot to you, because of many things that could make trouble for you at the beginning.
  • When choosing your next home, think about the transportation. No matter why you are migrating to Brooklyn, you’ll want to spend the least time possible in transportation. So pick a place near your job or school, or a place near the transportation direct to it, at least.

Conducting your Brooklyn relocation

Brooklyn moving- Choose to move by yourself or hiring a professional mover
Secure everything you need to conduct the Brooklyn move!

When it comes to the relocation to Brooklyn, you have a choice to move by yourself or to choose a moving company to conduct your moving to New York. Either way, you need to collect further information. In case you’re gonna move by yourself:

  • Find out everything about packing your valuables for your Brooklyn move
  • Pick a truck or a van to rent for your relocation to New York
  • Learn how to insure your items, in case something goes wrong during your stuff transportation

In case you decided to let the New York packers and movers do the hard work, read our text on how to choose a good and reliable mover in New York. That way, you will be sure that your relocation to Brooklyn is conducted as it should be. Smooth and secure. After all, you are making a Brooklyn moving seeking a better life. You don’t want it to start with problems. In case you have any trouble with any of the aforementioned steps, or you want to find out more about anything connected to relocation to New York, and specifically to Brooklyn, don’t hesitate to contact Brooklyn Movers New York. We shall provide you with everything you need to make an easy New York move!