Brooklyn Auto shipping company – What to ask them

Have you ever been in a situation where you did not know what to ask a Brooklyn auto shipping company? It’s ok if you were. Shipping a car can be confusing if you never did it before. You don’t even know what you are doing or what could go wrong. As is the case with all things in life, a lot can happen that can ruin your day. Being prepared and having all the necessary information is key when shipping your precious four-wheelers. Aside from the fact that you must study the act and prepare, asking certain questions on the initial call or email can help you instantly know the good Brooklyn auto carriers from the bad ones.


If something goes wrong when hiring a Brooklyn auto transport company, you need to have insurance. It’s something that a company must have. Sometimes things (read damages) happen and you need to be covered in that case. Please do not consider a company that does not provide insurance, no matter how good their story is. Luckily, the government is starting to crack down on shady Brooklyn car shipping companies and every day their numbers decrease. Always ask what type of insurance a company provides and what exactly it covers. Bumps and scratches are usually included, but things like oil spills and acts of god might not be. Know exactly what you are getting into before making your decision. You have to be careful when hiring moving services in Brooklyn. Here are some resources where you can check if they have insurance:

  • Department of Transportation
  • Better business bureau
  • If it’s a broker, ask for the carrier information then check above
  • Review websites – check the comments to see if it’s true


woman being stressed out because she chose the wrong brooklyn auto shipping company
Making sure your Brooklyn auto shipping company has insurance can make your shipment a lot less stressful.

Door to door service

This is especially important when hiring Brooklyn car hauling companies. Brooklyn is a part of the city with pretty narrow streets and some companies can not reach your exact address with their trailers. Information like this is something you need to be aware of. Be prepared to drive somewhere more approachable in order to meet the driver for pick up/drop off. In order to do so, you must ask them if they provide door to door service, and what happens if your location is difficult to approach. You can avoid a great deal of post-move depression if you inquire about this.

Pick up/Delivery window

Brooklyn car moving companies usually offer you a pick up/delivery window. The main reason why is that they can not guarantee a single day for either pick up or drop off. Usually, your vehicle will be just one of 6-10 on a trailer going from coast to coast. As you might imagine, knowing the exact day when the driver will arrive is highly unlikely. Even if a company knows ahead of time that they will be there on a certain day, a pickup window will usually be given just in case.

To side with Brooklyn car moving companies for a moment here, don’t be that person that thinks they are unorganized or not willing to work with you. In fact, if a company guarantees you a certain day for the delivery (especially if the shipment is in advance) they are probably lying. How can you know exactly when you are going to be there a month in advance? What if another client is late for pick up/drop off? What if the weather goes bad? If the truck brakes down? In reality, you can’t.

All inclusive price

A lot of Brooklyn car moving companies use this term. All inclusive, guaranteed price with no extra costs or hidden fees. Unfortunately, only with few this is true. This is the reason you must ask them exactly what does that mean and what does the price include. No one wants to spend more money than they need to, especially if you are moving with your family. Ask if there is anything that the price does not include. Ask for that in writing as well. That way you can make sure they won’t charge you more for things you were not aware. Check this to get MI-BOX boxes.

person holding a wallet
Avoid spending more money than you planned by making sure you know everything.

Point of contact

Since shipping a car takes time, you will probably need to be in contact often with your Brooklyn auto shipping company. For this reason, you must know who to ask for if you call. Or even better, ask for a direct line, so you don’t get passed around before wanting to punch your phone. This applies if you’re moving it by truck, train or w/e way imaginable. Having a sales representative there can make the experience much smoother. Getting information like when is the driver coming, how to reschedule or cancel makes it much easier when you have someone to handle your account.

Is it really guaranteed?

Not really a question, just a way to understand with who you’re dealing with. A lot of Brooklyn car shipping companies throw the word guaranteed around when speaking to a prospect. Please remember this, nothing is guaranteed. Only what you have in your contract. Looking at it from a logical perspective, they can only guarantee the price (if it’s a good company, of course), everything else is up for grabs. They cannot guarantee the pickup, delivery, door to door or damage-free shipping. Stuff happens that they can not control and is out of their reach. Weather conditions, mechanical issues, construction sites can greatly influence how your move goes and it’s not up to the company. Please be aware of this if you want to have a successful shipment with your Brooklyn auto transport.

Items inside the vehicle

Sometimes (and maybe you are like this) people think they can just pack their vehicle full of items before the driver comes to pick it up. If you are going with a reputable company, this is not the case. In our country, when a carrier is transporting a vehicle, it has to be empty. Some companies allow up to 100 pounds in the trunk, but even this is risking it. Furthermore, even if they let you put something in, it will never be insured. No good Brooklyn auto shipping company can guarantee this. They just cannot be responsible if you put anything fragile and it breaks. Ask if you can put something in there, but unless you absolutely have to, please don’t. It’s not worth it.

What happens if something goes wrong with your Brooklyn auto shipping company

Knowing the process of how a company handles failed shipments is crucial when choosing among Brooklyn car hauling companies. Ask the person you are talking to what happens in this case. What would be all the necessary steps and information you need in order to file a claim or a complaint? Who are you dealing with if you are having issues with the driver or damages you found. Being aware of how a Brooklyn auto shipping company handles this can make your shipment easier to go through.

Man staring at a wall with plans on it
Get familiar with all the steps if something goes wrong before deciding on a company