Boroughs of New York City to move to

This article is some kind of tutorial for newcomers to New York. Here you’ll get rough details about each of five boroughs of New York. Have a closer look at the parts of New York where you could move to, or you have already planned to move to. Brooklyn Movers New York hard work in moving business across this area led to collecting tons of quality material regarding the subject of relocating in New York. We specialized the territory of Brooklyn. But there is a great fluctuation of people between the 5 boroughs. So we also have knowledge about the most important things about moving to other 4 territories.

It does not matter if you are coming to New York, moving between 5 boroughs, or moving only within Brooklyn. Knowing something about other parts of New York City can be useful and could lead to realizing that your ideal life is placed somewhere else along those territories. Perhaps you should move elsewhere in New York. That is why we are here going to briefly present to you every of 5 boroughs to move to in New York, every potentially hiding the ideal place to move to for you.

We will say something about location, part of the history, something about geography and some more information about boroughs of New York. In the articles to come soon on our Brooklyn Movers New York platform, we are going to be more detailed about each of them. With special review on which neighborhoods are the best to move to in every New York City borough, by inhabitants opinion.

    5 Boroughs of New York are:

  • Staten Island

  • Manhattan

  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn

New York boroughs to move to: Staten Island

Staten Island- boroughs of New York
Boroughs of New York to move to: Staten Island

Staten Island is the New York borough with the lowest population- around 475.000, and with the third largest territory- 150km2. You can see the position of Station Island borough at the picture to the left, colored in red. It is separated from New Jersey by the Arthur Kill and Kill van Kull. From the rest of New York, it is separated by the New York bay. At the East shore of Staten Island, there is a boardwalk named Franklin Delano Roosevelt Boardwalk. It’s the fourth largest boardwalk in the world.

The borough was settled in 1661. Primarily by Dutch families, near South Beach. Until 1975 the island was known as Borough of Richmond, being coextensive with Borough County. You can hear, from time to time, that this borough is called ‘the forgotten borough’. Because its inhabitants feel neglected by New York authorities.

Staten Island is only of all boroughs with the majority of white people, non-Hispanic origin. What is also important to mention is that non-Americans take only 20% of the population. The urban part of Staten Island is at the North Shore. With neighborhoods of St. George, Tompkinsville, Clifton, and Stapleton. This information may be particularly interesting to those who would like to move to a lively borough of New York City. Just what the North Shore of Staten Island is.

New York boroughs to move to: Manhattan

manhatan, boroughs of New York
Boroughs of New York to move to: Manhattan

The borough of Manhattan is a historical place of birth for New york city. It is also the economic and administrative center of it. Manhattan is co-extensive with New York County, founded just here on November 1, 1683. United Nation headquarter is placed here. Manhattan is, financially, leading the cities of the world, being that it is home to Wall Street. That might be also the reason why it is commonly known as the economic and financial capital of the world.

Manhattan consists of Manhattan Island, Marble hill, and a couple of small islands. It has the total area of 59km2. Water territory of the Manhattan borough is 28km2. We will specifically mention Marble hill here. Because it is the obvious example of how nature is changed by human intervention. Specifically because of the Harlem River Ship Canal dug here in 1895 with an intention to improve navigation on Harlem river.

With the population of 1.637.000, it is the third most populated borough of New York. There are projections that Manhattan population will increase more than 18% in the period between 2000 and 2030. With highest projected raise after projected for Staten Island. This might be exciting for you to hear, because you might like to take the train together with many new inhabitants coming to this area, moving to this borough of New York.

New York boroughs to move to: The Bronx

Bronx, boroughs of New York
Boroughs of New York to move to: Bronx

The name of the borough, the Bronx, originated with Jonas Bronck. He led the first settlement to its area in 1639 when European colonization of it started. The borough of Bronx was created in 1898, and since 1914 it has the same boundaries as the Bronx County.

The population of 1.456.000 places The Bronx Borough fourth among 5 boroughs of New York. Placing it only in front of Staten Island. The non-white population has the majority in this borough. This is why, for people who like the diversity of cultures, and meeting various ethnicity people on day to day basis, this borough might be the solution for ‘problem’ where to move to in New York.

The total area of Bronx Borough is 110km2. It places this borough fourth among 5 boroughs of New York. The Bronx river, which flows through this part of New York, is the only entirely freshwater in New York. If you are a nature person, this might be another reason to consider moving to this borough of New York.

New York boroughs to move to: Queens

queens, boroughs of New York
Boroughs of New York to move to: Queens

Queens borough was named after Catherine of Braganza, Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland. It was settled in 1683, and between the year of 1683 and 1899, it included what today is Nassau County. Queens is a home to New York’s airports JFK and LaGuardia.

Another thing worth mentioning about Queens is that it has the most diversified economy. Also the most diversifying housing. This is a good news for you when deciding which borough to move to in New York. Because there is a great chance that your proficiency might be required here, and also that you will find an affordable home.

Queens has a total area of 280km2 which makes it the largest borough of New York. It is located in the North-West part of New York City territory. It includes several small islands to the south, laying in Jamaica bay and forming a Gateway National Recreational Area.

Only 27,2% of Queens population are non-Hispanic white. Together with the data that almost 50% of inhabitants are non-Americans, and also that 50% of Asian citizens of New York are settled here. This makes Queens the most diversified of all 5 boroughs of New York City, based on ethnic differences among inhabitants.

New York boroughs to move to: Brooklyn

brooklyn, boroughs of New York
Boroughs of New York to move to: Brooklyn

Brooklyn was first settled in 1634. Later, grown by a unification of several villages on its territory, it was the independent city until January 1, 1898. After that, being that there was the idea of Great New York, Brooklyn united with other boroughs. Forming what today we know as New York City.

In newer history, what is worth mentioning is that Brooklyn was the ‘promise land’ for hipsters. From 2010 onwards, Brooklyn has been home to many new entrepreneurs, and high-technology start-up firms. This is maybe a great recommendation for those who consider what borough to move to in New York City. Especially if they have an entrepreneurial spirit.

The population of Brooklyn is 2.637.000, which makes it the most populous borough od New York City. The most inhabitants of Brooklyn differ in high %. About 37% people are white, 35% black, 10,5% Asian etc. Based on that, you can make the conclusion that Brooklyn diverse very much regarding languages spoken. If you have a fear of not to be accepted based on your skin color, language was spoken, ethnicity etc, come to Brooklyn and have no fear. This is the perfect borough for you to move to in New York City!

Brooklyn borough is second largest New York borough, with the territory of  180km2. It also contains several of the islands.Together with islands of Queens, they are forming a Gateway National Recreational Area, in Jamaica bay.


This was the brief presentation of New York Boroughs, meant to make you interested in what is yet to come in next weeks. That is the detailed presentation of all of them. With the addition of best neighborhoods to move to in New York for each of them.


  • Staten Island:

Staten Island is the only of all 5 boroughs with the majority of white people

  • Manhattan

Manhattan population will increase more than 18% in the period between 2000 and 2030

  • The Bronx

The Bronx river is the only entirely freshwater in New York.

  • Queens

Queens has the most diversified economy and the most diversifying housing.

  • Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been home to many new entrepreneurs, and high-technology start-up firms