Find out what are some popular trends in art scene in Brooklyn

There are not many people who haven’t heard of New York. Although Manhattan still has the reputation of being the most popular New York’s borough, the other parts of this city have the reputation of their own. Queens is known as the birthplace of some very popular people, US Open Tennis Championship, NY Mets. Long Island is known for its […]

Guide to finding cheap movers in NY

Have you already made a decision to relocate to New York City? Congratulations! You are probably already aware that relocation is one of the most stressing processes in people’s’ lives. It’s not easy at all because it takes a lot of time. Also, it takes a lot of nerves to arrange everything the best way possible. And, you want to have […]

Reasons for moving to Bedford-Stuyvesant

So, you have made the decision to relocate within New York City and you have chosen Brooklyn as a location for your new home. No wonder, since it’s much more affordable than Manhattan. Not to mention it’s not crammed with people so you can actually get your daily errands done without bumping into countless people and waiting in endless lines. […]

Brooklyn Neighborhoods on a Budget – Top 3 To Look At

Let’s talk about the Brooklyn neighborhoods on a budget. So you’re either moving to Brooklyn, or you’re already there but you just wish to relocate. Either way you’re looking for something affordable given your steep budget. That’s fine, we got you covered. Brooklyn has quite a few locations that would fit these parameters you’re looking for. On top of all, even […]

Unpacking after the Brooklyn move

The Brooklyn move is finished. That’s it, you’re finally in that famous NYC borough of Brooklyn. Tired, but excited and charmed by this terrific city. Don’t relax just yet. There is still a job to be done. Unpacking after the Brooklyn move is something that will annoy you. However, it must be done so you could fully prepare for a […]

How to Pick the Right Brooklyn School for Your Child?

If you are moving to Brooklyn with children, first you need to find the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families and then, the right Brooklyn school for your child. You have a dilemma. Public or private school NYC? Which school is the best for my kid? We can’t give you the exact answer to your questions but we can help you […]

How to cut the Brooklyn moving costs

If you’re moving to New York City, Brooklyn would be probably the best borough to move to from the financial aspect. However, the everyday life in NYC costs a lot. Hence, we suggest you cut the Brooklyn moving costs. Be prepared for the unexpected costs after you move. Even if you find your New York home a lot before you […]

Upgrade your apartment after Brooklyn relocation

When making a Brooklyn relocation, there is a good chance your apartment will be smaller than expected. If you organize and decorate it the right way, you can save so much space. Take a look at this short guide for improving your new Brooklyn apartment. Paint the walls After your Brooklyn relocation chances are you will live in an apartment […]

Moving to Park Slope- One of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods

The decision to move never comes easy. Especially when moving from a smaller place, when everybody knows each other, to a big city where you can walk all day and meet nobody you know. On the other hand, after you get over the nostalgy, you shall get the picture why so many people move to the metropolitan areas! So many […]

Relocation to Brooklyn on a modest budget – making it work while saving money

Before your relocation to Brooklyn, there are many things you need to know. You will be one of the 2,629,150 wandering souls trying to make it in New York. A portion of people moves to Brooklyn borough because of business opportunities. Others seek a large selection of types of housing. Some want a less swanky neighborhood and more space to […]