Best Red Hook neighborhoods for families

Red Hook is often overlooked by families simply because it was an industrial zone more than 50 years ago. However, over time it flourished and now it is something entirely different. Nowadays, it’s one of the most promising places in Brooklyn, so it’s no surprise that you started thinking of moving there with your family. Keeping that in mind, let us help you find one of the best Red Hook neighborhoods for families and the right property for you. Meanwhile, our Red Hook movers can prepare you for the relocation that lies ahead.

Get to know the Red Hook neighborhoods first

As soon as you start researching Red Hook, you will soon realize it is quite a popular place. Lately, it has been revitalized by local artists, who have turned it into a center for all art lovers. The previously dull and gray industrial zone quickly became a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming community. This place is located on the Brooklyn waterfront and has numerous art centers, galleries, and studios in it. More importantly, it has a great job market with many independent businesses running from here.

start exploring and find the best Red Hook neighborhoods for families
Get out there and start exploring. Get to know the Red Hook neighborhood and all the marvels it holds.

Here you can also find a great food scene, notable shopping options, and an amazing housing market with spacious apartments as well as family homes. Lastly, it is safer than you initially thought. Red Hook is quiet, safe, and secluded from the downtown noise and ruckus. All in all, you and your family will have a promising future in Red Hook.

Upper New York Bay is one of the best Red Hook neighborhoods for families

Red Hook is located in northwestern Brooklyn, and it stretches far and wide. The entire Community District 6 is full of great housing options and safe neighborhoods. One of those neighborhoods that Red Hook taps into is Upper New York Bay. a very popular area comprised of several islands such as Liberty Island, Ellis Island, and Governor’s Island. To be honest, anything along the Hudson River is highly sought after and highly valued. Even though it is considered an industrial zone, we can say this only about the waterfront and the ports.

The entire New York Bay is a huge shipping and trading center. This means there are plenty of jobs to go around and a steady and healthy economy. And the government is heavily investing in infrastructure, schools, transportation, parks and recreation, and much more. So, the Red Hook Housing Project is the biggest one in Brooklyn’s history, and it is located right next to Upper New York Bay. This brings many opportunities for you and your family. Above all, the healthy environment with easy access to all the amenities a coastal area can bring. So, if you like this one, call your local movers Brooklyn NY and let them help you become a Red Hook resident in a matter of days.

The Carroll Gardens

The Gowanus Canal and the Expressway link Red Hook with Carrol Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, and many other promising neighborhoods. However, you should pay attention to Carroll Gardens, as it was a huge part of Red Hook back in the 1960s. Today it is more known as an independent neighborhood, but it is still one of the best Red Hook neighborhoods for families. The architecture is amazing, and you will recognize the famous brownstone buildings surrounded by a lot of greenery. This neighborhood has some of the best schools in the district, if not all of Brooklyn. And there is a lot of history behind this place, with many hallmarks, historic sites, and museums.

Brooklyn architecture
You will fall in love with the famous brownstone buildings of Carroll Gardens.

Above all, it is a safe, welcoming, and tightly-knit community. With the promising economy and lower cost of living, your family will find it very appealing. The Carroll Gardens might be the best option when it comes to the Red Hook neighborhoods and the Brooklyn neighborhoods in general.

Brooklyn Industrial Zone

This area was indeed an industrial zone in the 1600s and up to the 1960s when big changes in the industry shut down the busiest harbor forever. Now the Red Hook waterfront is predominantly populated with huge, abandoned warehouses. Although, most of them are turned in into galleries and museums. And with the undergoing housing development, it is promised that it will be one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn. And this project is one of the largest in the US right now and we can expect much from it.

A woman researching best Red Hook neighborhoods for families
If you find a perfect home for your family in this neighborhood, make sure you place a downpayment before it gets expensive.

The rest of the abandoned industrial buildings will be demolished and turned into family homes. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for investments because as you may know, the waterfront in any big city is always pricey. You might snatch a great deal if you place a down payment before it is up and running while prices are still lower. So, check with your moving companies in Brooklyn NY, and choose the best option for you. We are sure you’ll find an affordable one soon enough.

Are you ready to move to one of the best Red Hook neighborhoods for families?

Now that you know enough about the Red Hook neighborhoods, you can start organizing for the upcoming relocation. As soon as you find a nice place, call your movers to obtain the moving quotes Brooklyn and start preparing your budget. Obviously, you must gather the basic information first. Your moving company must know how many items you are relocating and a bit about the environment they’ll work in. Therefore, inspect the staircases, corridors, doors, and robust furniture. List everything down on your moving plan and present it to your moving representative. Together, you will work toward the best solution and appoint the right moving team, the appropriate set of moving services, and relocate safely. Just do everything at least three weeks before the moving date. This way, you will be sure that you are packed and ready to relocate to Red Hook.

You are ready to relocate to one of the best Red Hook neighborhoods for families. At least we hope we have provided enough information for you to get familiar with the place and conduct your research easier. But probably the best way is to visit this neighborhood and feel the vibes. Once you do so, we are sure you’ll have no doubt that this is the right choice and that it will bring a promising future for your family. Good luck.