Best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in

You’re probably at a major crossroads in your life if you’re considering moving to New York. After all, not many cities have the same amount of songs written about them as New York City has. It is a place where dreams are made, where rag to riches is real and it’s one of the biggest cultural melting pots where the whole world gets together. Despite the uniqueness NYC offers, it can be expensive and possesses crime areas you’d want to avoid. Choosing the right place to live in NYC certainly means looking into the amenities, atmosphere, and experience it offers. So, before hiring residential movers New York, read on to see what are the best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in.

Fordham and University heights – the best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in

Fordham and University heights are two neighborhoods you’ll find located in the Bronx. Despite what you might think of the Bronx regarding its bad reputation, the Bronx definitely has nice areas and is improving. It’s worth pointing out that your biggest expense will be your living arrangement when relocating to NYC. You get lots of space without shelling out money. An additional plus is great public transportation that will get you to any desired borough – whether you’re a student, professional, or a young family. This area has also some great schools meaning this is an excellent neighborhood for young families who desire an excellent education. There are plenty of options as far as food, entertainment, and shopping go. Another important thing when moving to NYC is to opt for moving service NYC which means smooth relocation.

Empire State Building
Sightseeing might be a reason to look for the best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in


Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn – best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in

Bedford-Stuyvesant is a refined district in Brooklyn buzzing with an ever-evolving job market. This neighborhood doesn’t have just great opportunities, it’s also very appealing and a place that is connected to a plethora of other areas. It means it’s only a stone’s throw away from Manhattan and Midtown, which certainly renders it every man’s dream to live and work in. There’s also a plethora of routes over which a bus regularly travels. In addition to that, there’s a tube connecting the city to other areas. It’s worth pointing out that due to the ever-growing plenitude of job possibilities and refinement in this area, the living standard has seen a steady increase. Another important tip when relocating to a new city – try to store your belongings before you rent an apartment. You can do that by renting some self storage New York offers.

Inwood (Manhattan)

Located on the north end of Manhattan island, it’s starting to build some traction after being in obscurity for a long time. Inwood is on a great track to becoming an up-and-coming neighborhood of a Big Apple. Despite the lack of buzzing stores, restaurants, and bars that you can find in the south of Manhattan, Inwood has plenty to offer in other areas. The height limit on most buildings is 155 feet. If living in high-rise apartments isn’t your cup of tea but you like being connected to the hustle and bustle of the city, then Inwood is definitely for you. What’s more, if you enjoy a quieter area, there’s 196-acre Inwood Hill Park.

A couple packing things and looking at best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in
A couple looking at the list of best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Often forgotten for the plethora of job opportunities in Manhattan, Upper West Side is one of the fastest growing areas in New York City. It is surrounded by many parks which attract people to this area. Besides that, plenty of cafes, boutiques, and restaurants do not compare to skyscrapers and the plethora of job opportunities. Another thing that makes residence in Manhattan desirable is that commuters are very close to downtown Manhattan. It’s one of many reasons why Upper Manhattan has been attracting masses of people recently. With the help of local movers New York, you’ll be relocating in no time.

Greenwich Village (Manhattan)

Greenwich Village is perfect for young professionals and singles in desire of an open-minded, lively part of a town with some extra space. The area is safe, has plenty of restaurants, and is home to the Friends apartment building. It’s also New York’s most bohemian area. It means it’s full of artists, creatives, and musicians looking to express themselves and share their art at Washington Square Park. It’s also one of the most open-minded neighborhoods as far as LGBTQ rights are concerned. It’s also worth noting that it’s a hub of bars, cafes, and eateries. Jazz clubs and off-Broadway theaters can be found as well. All in all, if you’re looking to live in a picturesque neighborhood and share history with the likes of Bob Dylan and Paul Simone, then Greenwich Village is for you.

Manhattan sightseeing is one of the reason you might be looking at best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in
Manhattan downtown is a reason enough to look at the best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in

Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

Hell’s Kitchen is known for being close to NYC. It’s only 8 kilometers from Wall Street, 13 kilometers from Jersey City, and 2 kilometers from Rockefeller Center. On top of that, Hell’s Kitchen is an extremely popular neighborhood with an abundance of young people looking to start their careers. Moving to Hell’s Kitchen means plenty of job offers, reasonable living standards, and short commutes. During the last few years, Hell’s Kitchen has seen increased gentrification and has reached a higher living standard which has helped the job market to evolve.

Lower East Side (Manhattan)

Lower East Side is a perfect place for young professionals eager to live streets away from Downtown NYC and Chinatown. Located in the south of Manhattan, the neighborhood’s Jewish heritage lives on through old fabric stores and traditional delis. All party-goers are drawn to this neighborhood thanks to famous bars, restaurants, and music venues such as Rockwood Music Hall. Besides the authentic NYC vibe, you’ll be only a few streets away from Chinatown which is great if you’re looking for Chinese food. It’s no wonder why Lower East Side is one of the best NYC neighborhoods to live and work in.