The best NYC neighborhood for retirees

There might be a long list of reasons why you would consider moving to New York City, and you are probably looking for the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees if you plan on actually moving. Here you will find some useful tips for moving to the west coast and all the information needed before you make your final decision.

Let’s see what to look for when choosing a best NYC neighborhoods for retirees?


Number one thing to consider is a list of basic necessities. Look for the price of housing, entertainment, healthcare, and groceries. Also, consider the cost of transport. Consider all your needs really. Do you need to use public transit, are you planning on driving a car, or if you plan on walking almost anywhere? What about visiting the family?

Housing costs in NYC neighborhoods

Are you planning on buying or renting? Costs can vary in different areas of the NYC. Calculate what is the amount you can afford. Find some cheap movers if you are looking to save some money. Talk to a lender and hire an agent that will work for you exclusively. Being prepared will make this whole process go as easy as possible.

Don’t forget your family members

If you are not moving alone – keep that in mind. It is important to ensure that the neighborhood you plan to shift to makes everyone happy. At some point in your life, it should feel like home. Make sure to find out what are your family members wishes, and don’t make any decisions alone. Consult with friends who already live in the area. But also, remember to breathe. There are so many neighborhoods for retirees here, and that makes it hard to make a wrong decision.

Quality of life after the big move to the NYC

Analyze how the new neighborhood will affect your life. Imagine the change, and decide what would you like your life to be after moving to the New York. Explore all areas before making the final decision. Make a list of pros and cons before making your final move.

Here are some of our picks

Hell’s Kitchen

The first factor that differentiates this area as one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees is the cheap housing it offers to seniors. It also has the Senior Center nearby. So what’s there not to like?

Another very significant feature of this place is the extremely low crime rate. You will have the luxury of feeling safe throughout your well-earned retirement. On the other hand, Central Park is just a few blocks away!

You will also have an easy access to the Broadway Theater shows, since the Theater District is right around the corner. Lastly, Times Square is literally a few blocks down.


Image of the ‘neighborhood watch’ sign.
This is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees because it has a low crime rate.

This neighborhood encourages the outdoor lifestyle. Just a short travel away and you will find yourself in the Bronx Zoo or at the NYC Botanical Gardens. The Inwood Senior Center is located on Vermilyea Avenue. Another center for retirees is the Dyckman Senior Center that is placed on 10th Avenue.

This is one of the best neighborhoods for retirees, and it is the number one choice for retirees on a budget. Average price for a house would cost less than 500 000$. Just like the Hell’s Kitchen, crime rates are satisfyingly low.


Brooklyn is a borough of neighborhoods. The best way to scope out the neighborhoods is to visit each one, so you can get a sense of what a neighborhood is all about. Each area is distinct and unique, boasting its own character. The neighborhoods are as diverse as the people living in them. This is one of the best neighborhoods for retirees who like areas rich in history. If you’re lucky enough to obtain an authentic brownstone, you’re holding priceless equity that will satisfy all your needs for beauty. And also, make sure to look for the cheap and affordable moving services in Brooklyn.

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees and their big familiesIt is almost like a suburb within the city limitsThe Upper East Side moves slower than the rest of Manhattan and offers superior lifestyle without much of the city’s noise. Given the low crime rate, retirees can feel safe to comfortably walk around their neighborhood and enjoy the sunny days.

Elegant buildings dot the quiet streets, with so many iconic institutes within walking distance. Architectural enthusiasts will want to take a stroll down historic sites and excellent museums in this area. Every block has something to keep your mind occupied. Here you will find many libraries, theaters, family restaurants and great shops.  This is why it’s no surprise that this is one of the most favorite areas to retire to.

Image of the one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees.
Soon, you will fall in love with these neighborhoods brownstones, unique buildings that will attract almost every retiree to its arms.

How to move?

It is best if you choose to let an actual moving company do the hard work. Don’t worry about the cost of hiring moving company before you do your research online. Even if you hire movers, there are still some parts where your participation will be needed. Moving to NY isn’t an easy job to do all by yourself, and you will need all hands on deck. Here are some things that may come in handy:

  • Make a list of the items that you will be taking with you (this will prevent your belongings from being lost in the transport).
  • Get rid of items that you don’t need (you can sell, donate or just throw away items that you don’t use anymore).
  • Check out, before you even start your search for the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees.
  • Write down any ideas that might come to you, even if they seem silly at the time.
  • Make an NYC area guide for visiting family.
  • Try to communicate well with other family members, this is a hard time for everyone.
Image of the highway.
You might be moving to the NYC best neighborhood for retirees, but don’t forget your friends and family.

Say your goodbyes

This part is the toughest one. Leaving behind everything that is familiar is frightening, but moving away doesn’t mean you will lose your friends. Your family is just a call away, so try to keep that in mind. Make sure to have a weekend get-together with a few friends and family members, and share a piece of your mind with them. Say your goodbyes, and don’t be shy to show your emotions. Spend a few days with people you love the most doing all the things you love. Take photos, share stories and make sure they know that you will miss them. Make a plan to stay in touch, and enjoy your new beginning. You are moving to one of the best neighborhoods for retirees in NYC, and this alone is a great adventure to take on!