The best nightclubs in Brooklyn, New York

Are you looking for some reasons to move to Brooklyn? In the first place, Brooklyn is one of five boroughs of New York City, with almost 3 million residents. The official colors of Brooklyn are blue and gold. The popular cultural venues in this town are Brooklyn Academy of Music and The Brooklyn Museum. Also, the architecture is amazing, but Brooklyn has parks too. Such as Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park. The major sports teams are NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and NHL’s New York Islanders. However, the best nightclubs in Brooklyn are places you must to visit as well. Maybe, when you visit this part of New York City, you will be interested how to find an apartment in Brooklyn, and start to live there. You are young and full of life or want to experience something new and fun? Brooklyn is the answer.

 The best nightclubs in Brooklyn are full of people, like this one
Brooklyn has so much clubs. Pick one and call your friends

First of all, the rules for clubs

Do you want to have some fun and go out with your friends? Do not bother with the search where to go, when you have the list of the most popular and best nightclubs in Brooklyn. But, don’t forget, there are some rules you must to follow.

  • For adults only – You must be older than 21 and have an ID card if you want to be in the nightclubs in Brooklyn, or any club in this city. This is the most important rule.
  • Do not use illegal things – Do not ever think about using drugs or bring weapons.
  • Easy with alcohol – Probably, you will drink alcohol. But, do not overdo it. You don’t want to end up at the hospital.
  • Dress code – Some clubs are looking for special clothes. However, the most of nightclubs are not in this group.
  • New friends – Getting to know new people is normal and great. But, be careful because you do not know their intentions.
  • Put on your most comfortable shoes- Find your dance shoes and have some fun.

    Cocktails in two martini glass and three drinking glass.
    Choose your favorite drink and have some fun. But only if you have 21

Can’t you find the best nightclubs in Brooklyn? We did that for you. So, here is our list

Club Lust NY

This is a strip club. There, you can celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday and other celebration too. In the same way, there are good prices on drink and bottles for a nightclub and services is great.

B66 Club

First of all, every night is different. Sometimes is rock night, sometimes techno night. At this club, you can suggest next party theme. Second, it has the stage for the band and 3 different bars. The club is run by Polish people, and because of that this the most European club in NY.


The spacious venue includes a large main room and a roof area that opens in the summer months. You will not be disappointed here for sure.

Langston Night Club

This is the most popular gay club in Brooklyn. As a matter of fact, it’s not a big club, so it feels intimate. But still, it’s not too crowded. If you’re looking for LGBT nightclubs in Brooklyn, Langston is for you.

The Social Butterfly

The most talented DJs are in this club. Their services include drinks all night, song request, bottle service and sexy girls too.

House of Yes

This club is something like a circus. It has burners, burlesque, unicorns, and disco too. You will dance all night long.

The Panther Room

A heaven for music with amazing cocktails. Pick your favorite nightclubs in Brooklyn, and be part of Brooklyn nightlife.


The sound system is great and the size of the club is more than 24000 square foot. If you love rock music this is a club for you.

Analog BKNY

In short, the Hi-Fi Analog sound will warp your mind and leave you craving for more.

Black Flamingo

The great food and drinks will bring you back again for sure. This is a nightclub and restaurant in one.

Loosie Rouge

We recommend this place for a date night, or a night out with friends. Every day is special here. For example, Mondays are reserved for jazz music, Thursday for Dida.


The vibe is great. People are dancing, they are having a nice time here. But, as in the previous best nightclubs in Brooklyn we mentioned, you can be in this club just with ID.

Miss Favela

Miss Favela is a Brazilian restaurant in New York, inspired by the bars of Rio de Janeiro. It has traditional drink and food, such as Moqueca de Peixe, Tutu a Mineira, Caipirinha, and many others.

Berry Park

Are you looking for the view? This club in Brooklyn has it. In fact, you cannot go wrong here.

Knitting Factory Brooklyn

If you love live music and bands, this is a club for you. Be prepared for the best music in Brooklyn.

People are dancing
Let’s have some party!

In conclusion, Brooklyn is a great place for living or visiting too. Are you moving to Brooklyn with toddlers or alone, it does not matter. Brooklyn has everything. We hope this article helped you to pick the best nightclubs in Brooklyn for you and your friends. But, on the other hand, do not drink too much. Remember, a little alcohol is for relaxation, and a lot of alcohol is for the hospital.  If you want to see some of these clubs without going out, here is a short video. Also, in this video, you have directions how to get there and club addresses. Brooklyn is not just a place for parties. Also, you can raise your family here or go to college.