Best Brooklyn restaurants – eat like a king

When you relocate to Brooklyn, you will notice that there are great restaurants in every corner. New York is a paradise for foodies. While Manhattan was the center for fine dining, Brooklyn has taken its title of the best place to eat in NYC. Eateries of Brooklyn has become dining destinations in their own right. After you visit all the attractions that you can see in Brooklyn in a day, you will get hungry. If you are wondering where to grab a bite in this borough, check out this list of the best Brooklyn restaurants.

Why Brooklyn has become the dining hot-spot in NYC?

While New York City is very diverse, that is most noticeable in the borough of Brooklyn. People from all around the world are choosing to call it a new home. Different cultures are bringing their own customs and cuisine.
That’s why the Brooklyn dining scene is so colorful.
It is a mixture of all the best food from every corner of the globe.

Any type of cuisine that you wish to try out, you can find here.

Also, any type of dining is within your reach.
There are high-class restaurants with Michelin stars, cozy family restaurants, plenty of option to enjoy bar food, interesting places that attract hipsters, and many pop-up restaurants.

How affordable are the best Brooklyn restaurants?

One of the main reasons why many choose to live in Brooklyn is the fact that is much more affordable than others NYC boroughs.
While it has very expensive neighborhoods and real estates, it also has a great offer for those with more modest incomes.

That also applies for the dinning. While there are luxurious restaurants, there are also very affordable high- quality places where you can enjoy delicious food. In fact, 30 of 100 best cheap eats in NYC are located in Brooklyn.

Comparing to the Manhattan, dining in Brooklyn is much cheaper.
For the same meal, you will be paying almost 30% more in Manhattan restaurants than in Brooklyn. This borough really has something for everyone’s pocket. Whether you want to splurge for a five-meal-course in the fancy restaurant or to grab the most delicious pizza in New York, you will definitely find something that suits your needs and your budget.

The best Brooklyn restaurants are diverse and offer all types of cuisine.
Brooklyn has endless food options.

Best Brooklyn restaurants

After you finish unpacking after the Brooklyn move, it’s time to explore all of its flavors. Since people have different taste, creating a list of the best Brooklyn restaurants isn’t an easy task. The restaurant that serves excellent Japanese kitchen, won’t be the best place for someone that doesn’t love that type of cuisine.
Still, looking at the overall reviews, grades, and comments from the guests, it can be said that these restaurants are at the very top of the list of the best Brooklyn restaurants:

  • Klein’s
  • Misi
  • Mission Chinese Food
  • Benelux
  • Saint Julivert Fisherie


If you are looking for the casual all-day spot, look no further.
Klein’s is the perfect choice for enjoying great food in a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. It is located on the ground floor of the Hoxton hotel in Williamsburg. Space is meant to be low-key and approachable, and the cozy atmosphere is one of the many reasons why many love this place. The local restaurateurs Jud Mongell of Greenpoint favorite Five Leaves and Zeb Stewart of Cafe Colette and the legendary Union Pool, join their forces in order to provide Newyorkers amazing food in the very welcoming ambiance.
The menu offers simple Americana dishes, made to perfection.
Klein’s the great spot to enjoy a meal with family, to have a casual business meeting, or to hang out with your friends.


Chef Missy Robbins is the one responsible for the amazing food creations in the restaurant Misi. She has endless praise for her wildly popular Italian restaurant Lilia, but many say that Misi is even better. This chef is a master of making pasta dishes which are the main focus of this restaurant.

The menu features only 10 distinct pasta dishes. When you try one of them, you will realize why there’s no need for the other type of dishes on the menu. You can almost taste the love and passion that chef Missy put it making each dish. All pasta is hand-made.
If you are curious about the process, the pasta is made in the glass-enclosed pasta room. There you can observe the pasta-making process.
The best proof why this is one of the best Brooklyn restaurants is the fact that you need to book your place weeks in advance.

Misi is one of the best Brooklyn restaurants.
It is totally worth the wait because you will be tasting the best pasta in your life.

Mission Chinese Food

Newyorkers are obsessed with Chinese cuisine. Therefore, it’s no surprise why one of the best Brooklyn restaurants is the one that is serving this type of dishes.
Restaurant Mission Chinese has the mission to present the finest of the Chinese cuisine.
With a twist, since beside the favorites from original, the menu contains unique dishes of this restaurant.
The bacon and shrimp eggroll and sourdough naan with burnt buckwheat honey butter and sheep’s milk cheese are the culinary delights that you can only try at this place. The ambiance is quite unique as well, and the atmosphere is pleasant and inviting.

Mission Chinese Food is one of the best Brooklyn restaurants.
The food of the restaurant Mission Chinese Food will make you feel like you are magically teleported in China.


Bar Little King in Williamsburg is one of the hot spots in New York. There’s no wonder why the restaurant by its owners is one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn.
Benelux restaurant brings the best dishes of the countries of Benelux – Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.
Master chef Colby Rasavong is behind delicious dishes of this restaurant. This chef with years of experience is making real magic on the plate. Here you can try excellent to mussels, hand-cut fries, three kinds of sausage, several burgers and a perfect chicken sandwich. All that you can pair with the best European wines or beers, your enjoyment will be complete. For every European moving to Brooklyn, this restaurant is a great choice when you want to taste the flavors of a homeland.

Saint Julivert Fisherie

Saint Julivert Fisherie is a new place on the New York dining scene.
Its quality launched it to the list of not only the best Brooklyn restaurants but in the top of the NYC restaurants as well.
A married couple, Chefs Alex Raij and Eder Montero, opened this seafood restaurant just a couple of doors down from their acclaimed Spanish restaurant La Vara. They decide to step outside of their traditional Spanish cuisine and open a place where people can enjoy all the wonders of the sea.

Saint Julivert is serving interesting fish dishes, inspired by the flavors of India, Jamaica, and Portugal. The signature dish or this restaurant is the tuna casserole made with curry leaf and turmeric.
It’s the kind of dish that will transform even the most rigid fish dish hater into a fish lover.
A sleek look of this restaurant makes it ideal for lunch with a family, hanging out with friends and romantic candlelight dinner with your special person.

And if the offer of any of these restaurants have made your mouth watering for more delicious meals, why not enjoy these tasty bites by moving here permanently. And if you need some help with relocation, look for a trustworthy moving company with experience and get more information about the services this company offers. Based on their offer, you can easier plan the next moves.