Best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids

Hello moving people! Coming to New York is a life-changing idea, way to go my neighbors to be. Only, wait for a while. At least wait until you read this article. I mean, moving to Brooklyn is great, but only if you prepare for that. What do I mean by that? I mean that this is a big, complex and expensive city. If you come and have a clear goal to achieve, with a great plan, you’ll probably make money and improve the quality of your life. But if you don’t, there are chances to run away from the Big Apple sooner than you came. First, on the long list of stuff you need to do, is to choose where to move to. This text is helping you find the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids. Let’s find out more!

Pick only the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids
Don’t accept any but one of the Best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids

The best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids

The children are the light of your life, so choose the best Brooklyn neighborhood to move to with them

I know, this is maybe the easiest part of preparations for moving to the NYC borough of Brooklyn. It’s much more essential to hire the reliable Brooklyn movers to conduct your Brooklyn migration. I agree. But don’t neglect the fact that Brooklyn, as a part of New York City is pretty expensive. Therefore, you won’t be able to change home every now and then. So, doesn’t it matter where shall you live with your family after Brooklyn relocation? I didn’t think so. We already wrote about the top Brooklyn neighborhoods for singles. Today, we shall present the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids. In the weeks to come, we’ll continue to recommend top Brooklyn adjacencies for different categories of Brooklyn inhabitants.

The criteria we used in the research for parts of Brooklyn where you should move with your children:

  • Good parks are as important as good schools in Brooklyn neighbourhood to move to with your children
    Choose to move to Brooklyn neighborhood with good schools, but also with good parks

    Kids friendly- We first searched for the places with a lot of facilities adjusted to the children. Only those parts of Kings County had the chance to be on our list of best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids.

  • Peace and quiet- Those parts of the Brooklyn were further eliminated if they are too loud or violent.
  • A lot of parks and places for recreation- The family with children wants to live in a Brooklyn neighborhood with a lot of opportunities to go out and have fun in nature.
  • Not too costly- There are much fewer Brooklyn families able to live in rich parts comparing to those having an average income.
  • Good medical care closeness- What is more important to parents than the health of their children?

We used a lot more than these five criteria. But we picked them as the most important to mention. Also, the neighborhoods we’re about to present are not the only Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with your children. But we selected those Brooklyn adjacencies as the most convenient according to the criteria use. We picked those criteria in a consultation with dozens of parents. 

Kensington- described by Brooklyn parents living here as quiet, easygoing, live and let live

-There are almost no better parts of Brooklyn to live in for many categories of people. Actually, Kensington is the second best Brooklyn neighborhood for all kinds of people! So, pretty good for living with kids, right? Well, you’d be right if answered yes.

-The first thing we heard from families living here is that the neighborly spirit you’ll find in Kensington is probably why this is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids. One of the families said that they don’t need to hire a babysitter, being that they and their neighbors babysit each other’s kids whenever the need arises.

-Kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn is very safe. And that’s what makes parents relocated to this Brooklyn neighborhood smile. Especially those ‘overcaring’ parents. And all of us know how worried some of dads and moms are when their child is late only 5 or 10 minutes. That’s not the slightest problem here, given that the crime rate is very low.

Park Slope- Brooklyn neighborhood offering parents a great nightlife

-Searching for the best places when planning on Brooklin moving with your family, it would be wrong to skip Park Slope. We said in the subtitle that it offers a great nightlife for parents. Why for parents? Well, because this is a safe and sound place, with low rentals. Therefore good for families with children. With great nightlife for them to enjoy. But, even if you don’t have kids, don’t worry, you can still have a good nightlife! It’s not parents only.

Schools in Park Slope are great, and that’s maybe the strongest reason why more and more young families are moving to this Brooklyn neighborhood. Besides, it’s clean and it has great parks. So you can have your children attend a good school and have a healthy fun in some of the parks.

-Park Slope is one of those neighborhoods kids but also parents friendly. Given that there is a growing number of bars and restaurants in Park Slope. Remember, you want your kids to be happy, healthy and well-educated. But don’t neglect the fact that you’d need some fun for yourself too. Keep this in mind when searching for the best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids. You’re moving as a family to one of Brooklyn neighborhoods, you’re not moving just for your children.

Bath Beach- Brooklyn adjacency with great schools and diverse community

Moving to Brooklyn with young children isn’t that easy. You need to seek for multiple characteristics to choose only the best neighborhoods in Kings County for your children. But it’s very achievable if you put an effort in it. Doing that, we’re sure you’ll come to Bath Beach as one of the best choices to move with your family there in Brooklyn.

-Most of the people say that this is a working-class Brooklyn neighborhood. But today, most of the people are what working class used to be. Decent people of average income. So what’s wrong with that? Bath Beach is an affordable neighborhood, with so great schools. So you get to have your children educated decently, and not spend a fortune for that purpose. Something bad in that?

There is a great Bensonhurst park to have a walk with your spouse and your children. Some quality family time you can have in other parks here, being that Bath Beach is considered one of the greenest Brooklyn neighborhoods. Besides that, there’s also a great waterfront. Walking there makes you forget all of the troubles you might have had, and have so many happy days of your lives with those you love the most, your family. Isn’t that what you want from best Brooklyn neighborhoods to move to with kids?