Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs

Once the most notorious neighborhood in New York, Brooklyn has turned into a vibrant and busy borough. Changes became visible with the arrival of the 2000s and the new century. In a very short time, it became one of the best places to live in New York. Mainly thanks to the proximity to Manhattan and the notably lower cost of living, people started to move here. Along the way, people brought their customs and traditions, so the borough grew into a diverse place with great food, music, and an art scene. Attracted by its new pomp, people continued to arrive, and the city gradually expanded. There are more than 70 suburbs, so we’ll mention only some of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs. Also, we’ll recommend the best moving companies Brooklyn, in case these lines convince you to try your luck with starting your business in Brooklyn.


Williamsburg is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Brooklyn. This neighborhood, set on the banks of the East River, has become the center of all sorts of events in Brooklyn. It’s popular among hipsters and young professionals starting businesses, but also families. Since the rents are still cheaper than in Manhattan, many entrepreneurs choose Williamsburg as a base for their companies. As it is close to Manhattan, the beating heart of New York, it is a very attractive location for commuters, too. Manhattan is only about 45 minutes away by public transportation.

view of the river and bridge
Williamsburg is considered to be one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs.

Once it was an industrial district, while today it is more of a leading hub for the art and music scenes, food businesses, and entertainment. All this resulted in an increase in the variety and number of jobs, which added to its popularity. People come either looking for work or to start their own businesses. Property owners in Williamsburg say rental businesses are booming. And they rent most venues to entrepreneurs, shop owners, and young experts. Our Williamsburg movers will relocate your small business at reasonable prices if you choose this trendy suburb.

Fort Greene

For those who prefer the slower pace of life, Fort Greene might be the right choice. Gentrification has not wiped out all the historic sites, but it certainly gives off an urban and modern feel. Thanks to the young experts, Fort Greene has become a very prominent and wanted district. They recognized the perks of living in a not-so-bustling area, so there are hundreds of small businesses today. Mainly, those are small local manufacturers, and various services, but there are also companies related to new technologies and start-ups. Fort Greene Movers are the best example of a successful and respectable local company.

Fort Greene with its brownstone buildings is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs
Gentrification skipped a few brownstone buildings in Brooklyn.

One of the crucial community organizations in the neighborhood is Fort Greene Association. It takes care of improving living conditions for all its residents. Among other things, it gathers local entrepreneurs and small business owners, renters. An organization and community are very inclusive towards minorities and support women entrepreneurs.

Carroll Gardens

This neighborhood, like the rest of Brooklyn, is a hybrid of traditional and urban elements. At one step, you’ll come across vintage brownstones, and at the next step, you will encounter skyscrapers. Although it’s the third most expensive area in New York, it’s still one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs. It used to be a gathering place for the working class, predominantly of Italian origin. Today, only members of the upper middle class can afford to live there. However, young professionals and business owners flock to the area as well. Carroll Gardens is famous for its brownstone buildings, and renting and real estate have become very lucrative. If real estate is your passion and business, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of our Carroll Garden movers, you can move your home and your office, too.

yellow taxi and other vehicles on the busy Brooklyn street close to the bridge
Brooklyn’s diverse neighborhoods are perfect for starting a business.

Smith Street is the neighborhood’s hotspot. The renovation of Smith Street had a huge impact on the local economy. Most of the shops, restaurants, and local businesses are right there, while new ones open at every turn. Here too, the local business owners and entrepreneurs organized and formed the Business Improvement District (BID) to raise awareness about the needs of the community. Currently, there are over 75 such organizations in New York. They take care of the security and maintenance of the city for the benefit of all residents and business owners.

Brooklyn is overall one of the best spots for entrepreneurs

As part of New York, the largest city in the country, Brooklyn offers numerous opportunities for business owners as well as those seeking work. In a multi-million-dollar city, your chances of success are increased. But it’s also harder to deal with competition. Still, the choice of neighborhood also affects success. It is crucial to explore the area, its residents, and their affinities and needs. It will tell you which location is best for your company. In addition to the above, you can also consider the following neighborhoods:

  • Dumbo is considered suitable for start-ups, advertising, and marketing agencies. It’s a bit underrated, so the rents are still reasonable.
  • Brooklyn Heights is perfect for both small businesses and large companies. Its busy promenade guarantees a rise in visitors and traffic. Beware, it’s pretty pricey, so weigh well the pros and cons.
  • Clinton Hill is one of Brooklyn’s newest neighborhoods, but it is also one of its most popular. Many young professionals and entrepreneurs choose to set up their businesses here. Mostly because it conveys the impression of a welcoming and warm community.

There is no doubt you’ll find the right spot for your company in Brooklyn. At least one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for young entrepreneurs will catch your eye. It’s just up to you to arrange the relocation details with local movers Brooklyn NY. Our years of experience and various services can grant you an excellent moving experience.