Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for seniors

Although it seems like Big Apple is not an ideal place for seniors, almost 20 percent of New York residents are over 60 years old. Plenty of people don’t believe New York has any neighborhoods for retirees. But if you ask any senior who lives here, you will hear NYC is not cold or inhospitable at all. Did you decide to leave life in the suburbs and enjoy the thrill of living in a big city as a senior? Brooklyn is the perfect place where you can settle down and retire. No matter if you are moving from another state, city, or neighborhood, as a senior you can find many neighborhoods in NY that you will love. Our local movers Brooklyn will help you prepare for the move but also discover some of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for seniors. Don’t waste any minute and start looking for the ideal home.

Consider your needs, determine your budget, and straight to Brooklyn

Before you opt for some of the excellent Brooklyn neighborhoods for seniors, make sure to know your needs. Compare your needs with the opportunities that certain neighborhoods could offer and be realistic when it comes to the final decision. Unfortunately, as you are getting old your needs may become different which does not mean you have to retire in any smaller city. You can still enjoy your favorite activities and keep visiting your favorite places. To make sure you will avoid too high costs of living, plan out your budget well. So, don’t forget to think twice if you are ready to buy or rent a new apartment. Also, remember to enlist moving costs and plan out upcoming expenses. In case you are downsizing, consider renting storage units Brooklyn has. In this way, your belonging will be safe and you will have enough space in your new home.

Senior who using a laptop
Plan out your budget before the move.

Discover some of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for seniors you may like

There are plenty of Brooklyn neighborhoods that are happy to welcome you once you decide to hire our professional movers Brooklyn and leave your current home. From the perspective of our local moving experts who knows every step of many Brooklyn neighborhoods, we will recommend you some of the best areas of Brooklyn for seniors. It will be only you to decide which one you will choose:

  • Park Slope
  • West Brighton
  • Bay Ridge
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Dyker Heights
  • Prospect Heights
Elderly walking through one of the best neighborhoods for seniors
It will be hard to choose between the best neighborhoods for seniors.

Park Slope may be the ideal neighborhood for seniors

In case you are among those seniors interested in history, you will adore Park Slope. This Brooklyn neighborhood offers a lot in the historical sense. Moreover, because of its rich history, you may feel like you are living at the beginning of the previous century. For this reason, this area of New York is considered a haven for seniors and retirees. But when it comes to the price you will have to pay for monthly rent, Park Slope may be pretty expensive. We need to remind you this is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Its history, very low crime rate, and plenty of amenities determine its high prices.  There is no doubt Park Slope is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for seniors. If you can afford to buy or rent an apartment in Park Slope, you would not regret it.