Best Brooklyn neighborhoods according to statistics

Brooklyn is one of New Yorks’s biggest borrows. It has a lot to offer, and it’s known for some great neighborhoods. However, it’s a really big borrow. A lot of people are living in Brooklyn, and there are many neighborhoods to explore. Needless to say, all those neighborhoods are different in a way. Some suit students, others suit families or the elderly. So, let’s see the best Brooklyn neighborhoods according to statistics and the best moving companies Brooklyn. There are some great places to check out, and we’ll do our best to paint you the right picture of each one of them.

Brooklyn bridge is between two buildings.
Williamsburg is the first place you will see when coming from Manhattan.

Williamsburg is definitely among the best Brooklyn neighborhoods according to statistics

If you were to take the subway train from Manhattan, this neighborhood would be the first one you would encounter when entering Brooklyn. So, since it’s close to Manhattan, it’s considered pretty attractive for its location. A lot of people get moving services Brooklyn has to offer just to move to Williamsburg because of its position.

Also, Williamsburg is a place very rich in culture and history. It is a mix of everything New York is. Of high-end lifestyle, industry, and art. You will find a lot of art galleries in this neighborhood. And not some amateur art galleries; most of them are known all over the country for their exhibits. Also, you will find some really fascinating apartments that cost millions of dollars stationed right next to factories. Those scenes are something you can only see in Brooklyn.

Because of its rich cultural and ethnic background, Williamsburg has attracted people from all over the world to live there. So, rents are also pretty high and may be the only reason people wouldn’t move there. It does have one of the highest rents in all of New York, but if you find a place that suits your budget, you’ll have a really nice and comfortable life in front of you. This neighborhood is very walkable and filled with vibrant scenery.

Caroll Gardens deserves a spot on this list

Of course, some people aren’t into very fast-paced lifestyles, so that they might opt for something more tranquil. For those people, Caroll Gardens will definitely be one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods according to statistics. You might wonder why that is. Well, first of all, this neighborhood has the nickname “The heart of Brooklyn” because of its beautiful historic buildings. It also has a lot of modern architecture, but it’s really well mixed with the rest and doesn’t stand out in a bad way.

According to statistics, Caroll Gardens is also very kid friendly. So, families with kids have no reason to worry if they’re relocating there. Once your residential movers Brooklyn relocate you, you will be able to find some great kindergartens, schools, and other facilities kids need for a happy childhood.

The culinary scene is also why it’s among the best Brooklyn neighborhoods according to statistics

Except for the kid-friendly environment, Caroll Gardens also has a great culinary scene, as well as some top-notch bars. If you want to grab a delicious bite or take someone out for dinner, you will find plenty of great locations in Caroll Gardens where you will be able to do so. No matter if it’s Italian, Greek, or Japanese cuisine, this neighborhood has it.

Two Brooklyn buildings.
A good mixture of old and modern architecture is what makes Brooklyn so special.

Prospect Heights is an example of an opportunity

Prospect Heights belongs among the best Brooklyn neighborhoods, according to statistics. It has a massive development plan that will cost around 4.9 billion dollars. That means opportunity so, if you’re into entrepreneurship and business, you will love this place.

Another great hint of what Prospect Heights is like is its location. It looks like it’s squeezed in between the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Museum. If you’re into arts and music, you can start packing immediately after your moving quotes Brooklyn is done because you will find some of the best music bars in New York in Prospect Heights.

It is also a great place for middle-class citizens. Its prices aren’t too high; it has some nice restaurants and bars that you can visit without fear they’ll squeeze the last penny out of you. According to statistics, rent prices are also pretty affordable in Prospect Heights compared to the rest of New York. So, if you want to live in New York but need a place with normal rent, try searching through Prospect Heights. However, once the development plan is completed, the price of real estate in Prospect Heights will probably rise.

Best Brooklyn neighborhoods according to statistics, including Bay Ridge

A lot of people know that Bay Ridge is the home of the main character in Saturday Night Fever movie. However, that’s not the only thing Bay Ridge is famous for. It is also quite famous for its beautiful waterfront. Many neighborhoods in Brooklyn are pretty, but the lack of waterfront makes them feel empty. That’s why Bay Ridge is so attractive. People love to see some nature if they can, and Bay Ridge provides that opportunity.

Also, Bay Ridge has people of European and Latino heritage, and they proudly defend it. You will find people of Norwegian, Italian, Irish, Jewish, and Mexican descent who all add to this neighborhood’s vibe. Such a big amount of racial diversity definitely makes Bay Ridge one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods according to statistics. After all, that’s what New York really is about. Diversity in every way. A great thing about Bay Ridge is that you can taste the diversity through restaurants and cuisine.

New York waterfront during the sunset.
Waterfront makes Bay Ridge one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods according to statistics.

Brooklyn Heights has a lot to offer

When talking about the best Brooklyn neighborhoods according to statistics, you have to mention Brooklyn Heights. It’s a magnificent place. If you like places with a charm that is also cozy and affluent, you are at the right place. You will find all these traits in Brooklyn Heights. Since people in this neighborhood trying to keep their neighborhood intact and as unique as possible, you will still find cobblestone streets and historic waterfront promenades in this place. So, if you like living with a vibe like it’s 1965 when it comes to architecture, you will be more than happy to call the best moving companies Brooklyn has to offer and schedule a relocation. Brooklyn Heights will give you wings once you move there.