Benefits of living in NJ and working in NYC

New York, the greatest city in the world. But first, a few things you need to know about Big Apple. Just saying those words makes you feel expensive. Stereotypes that New Yorkers have towards people of New Jersey are that they are crude and unsophisticated, that New Yorkers have more fashionable taste, that a Jerseyite is driving like a jerk while listening to Bruce Springsteen. But setting stereotypes aside New Jersey is becoming the wish of more and more people from NY. Rents in NY are getting bigger each year, some apartments are too small and do not justify the price of rent, noisy streets are full of people, and you’re listening to sirens all the time too. It can become tiresome. So, if you are looking for a little peace in your life maybe living in NJ and working in NYC can be a solution for you.

Location is everything

If you are planning a move to NJ you should know a couple of things. Firstly, the location of New Jersey is such that it has easy access to several large cities. It is surrounded by New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. No matter where you live in Jersey you are not far away from major roads like I-95 or an I-287. Amongst these advantages, it has some more. If you are into hiking, skiing, camping, you can do it. This is because in the central and northern part of the state are mountains. If you are more into swimming or surfing you can do it in states beaches located on the Atlantic ocean. Living in NJ and working in NYC shouldn’t be a problem because if you are living in the northern parts of New Jersey you can be in Manhattan in 30 minutes.

Pros for living in NJ and working in NYC

People are leaving NYC for many reasons. And some people have left NYC but they are still working there. We will give you a couple of reasons why you should move to New Jersey from New York but still keep your job there:

  • The cost of living is lower in NJ.
  • You can take a train if you are living in NJ and working in NYC.
  • The cost of having a car is lower.
  • You won’t pump your gas because it’s forbidden by law.
  • There are some great schools for your children to go to.
  • Lower taxes.

Every one of these reasons is valid and if you are thinking of leaving New York but you want to have some kind of connection with it then New Jersey is a really good choice. Let’s not forget that a view from across the Hudson River on NYC is stunning.

Living in NJ and working in NY is great because you get to see the best of both
New York and New Jersey are close but very different.


Economic benefits of living in NJ and working in NYC

While salaries are 11% higher in New York comparing to New Jersey, the cost of living prevails on the New Jersey side. Here we will see some interesting compared prices so you can decide is it worth it to live in New Jersey and work in New York.

For example, you would need 7,870$ in New York to maintain the same standard of life that you can have in New Jersey for 5,500$. Here are some basic differences in price between the two cities. Consumer prices are 29,37% higher in NYC, consumer prices including rent in NYC are 43.09%  higher, rent prices in NYC are 61.34%  higher, groceries prices in NYC are 48.16% higher, local purchasing power in NYC is 19.30% lower. Economic reasons are high on a list of why people are leaving NYC. But NJ is close and everyone who has NYC in the heart doesn’t have to go far.

Best ways of getting from New Jersey to New York

There is a couple of ways that you can get from NJ to NYC. They are separated by the Hudson River and they are in plain sight of each other. So, no matter if you are traveling by bus, boat or a train here are the best ways to get from NJ to NYC.

First of all, you can use the second busiest train line in the US. The NJ 11 transit train line covers Northern New Jersey and it can get you to Midtown Manhattan. You can use PATH train, a high speed, an underground system that links New Jersey with Midtown Manhattan for just $2.75  a ride. You can use a ferry but that’s the more expensive option. One way tickets can range from $9 to $20. If you are going by bus to a job then you should get up early so you don’t get yourself gridlocked in traffic.

If you are living in NJ and working in NY using trains is a great way to get to your job
The NJ 11 transit train line covers Northern New Jersey and it can get you to Midtown Manhattan.

Planning a family while living in NJ and working in NYC

If you have a family with small or teenage children, living in NJ has its advantages. Maybe schools are all reasons that explain why people move to NJ. Even though NYC has some of the best schools in the country NJ doesn’t lack them. Moreover, NJ has the second-highest graduation rate, and eight out of ten high school graduates attend college. Also, children will get to enjoy beautiful natural scenery with miles of ocean coastline, state parks in which they can hike, and in a beautiful view of New York City. Also, New York is not amongst safest cities when it comes to crime rate and that’s the reason why you should bring up your kids in a safer environment even though you are working in New York.

Living in NJ and working in NY is great cause you have beaches in NJ you can relax on
The amusement park on a beach is a great family attraction.

The bottom line of living in NJ and working in NYC

Although it might seem complicated, living in NJ and working in NYC doesn’t have to be. They are well connected. So you can get from one place to another faster than from some parts of New York. You will save money that you earn working in New York on beautiful beaches or a trip to the mountains. And you don’t have to worry about your kid’s education because some of the best schools are there in NJ. You can relax and enjoy the peace of your home after a hard day’s work in noisy NYC, the city that never sleeps.