Six Advantages of moving to Brooklyn

For one reason or another, you need to move to Brooklyn. You have heard everything about the traffic jams, astronomical prices and high crime rate. You know you will move eventually, however, you fear the day you become a resident of Brooklyn. This article is here to show you that it’s not as bad as some people tell you. Below are some reasons to convince you to move with a smile on your face!

1. You have a family to move? No problem!

Brooklyn is a part of the New York City. That’s means it’s expensive, crowded and noisy all the time, right? Not exactly. Brooklyn has a lot of greenery, so it’s very children-friendly. It is true that it is more expensive than most of the United States, but it is cheaper than, say, Queens or Manhattan. Walking parks and children’s playgrounds are everywhere, so you don’t have to worry about risking your little ones’ boredom. You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to get some food, groceries and clothes. This makes it an ideal destination to move to if you have a family. Many of the parks in Brooklyn aren’t crowded and have concerts, movies and events in general every week.

Man sitting on grass near a Brooklyn bridge.
Brooklyn is widely known for its greenery and skyline.

2. Brooklyn is an attraction among professionals

You would think that Brooklyn is not really a hub for small businesses and professionals looking for a job opportunity. Also, you would be dead wrong. In reality, Brooklyn is a haven for small businesses because it represents a competitive alternative to an industrial center such as New Jersey. This is for the most part because of lower rent prices. Manhattan, a big business hub, is also a taxi ride away. Some of the advantages Brooklyn offers are:

  1. Academic institutions: Brooklyn offers seven institutions of higher learning with over 32.000 students;
  2. Transportation: Brooklyn offers a comprehensive web of available and affordable public transportation;
  3. Office Space: Brooklyn offers 11 million square feet of total office space;
  4. Brooklyn offers  6 million square feet Class A space with 0.2% vacancy;
  5. And that’s just the downtown!

Brooklyn is also booming with new small businesses – they’re literally everywhere around the corner. This is great news for everyone looking for a job. They will be able to find one quickly and easily.

3. You can relax at the nearby beach

The beach, which is only a subway ride away, is something you will want to visit. It is very close to Coney Island, famous for it’s rich history and luxurious resorts. The beach, which doesn’t contain as many people as you might expect, contains quite a lot of history: between 1954 and 1959, it contained an air force base. The Brooklyn Museum is the second largest in New York, and one of the largest in the entire USA. It was founded in 1823, and over the years it has accumulated numerous priceless artefacts such as Vincent Van Gogh’s “Cypresses”, Claude Monet’s “The Church at Vernon” and the famous Gilbert Stuart’s portrait of George Washington.

Brooklyn Bridge at twilight
When in Brooklyn, expect some great scenery at night.

4. Prices are not the lowest – but it’s still affordable

You may expect prices to be quite high, but that is not the case. For example, if you’re looking for new clothes, you may find yourself looking for second-hand shops, which offer a much more diverse array of goods and items in comparison to luxurious stores. Just make sure the items you buy are in good condition, and your pockets will remain at least relatively full.

5. The sense of neighbourhood is astounding

The moment you step in Brooklyn and take residence, you’re one of them – a true member of the neighbourhood and the community. The USA in general is a melting pot of all cultures, populations and religions, and Brooklyn is a representation of that. It was a popular destination for Ashkenazi Jews who emigrated to USA, as well as Italians, Russians, the Hindu, Germans and the Irish. Several parades are held annually:

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Parade: features leperchauns and green beer – need I say more?
  2. Greenwich Village Halloween Parade – the very largest in the nation;
  3. Since the 11th of November, 1919, Brooklyn is host to the New York Veterans Day Parade – if you’re a fan of uniforms, marching bands and vintage military vehicles, it might just be the spot for you!
  4. If you want to dance, the Puerto Rican Day parade might just be your ideal solution!

It is through events such as these that Brooklyners celebrate their diverse environment. That, of course, doesn’t mean that there aren’t subtle differences between neighbourhoods. You would do well to research the differences between neighbourhoods. Some might appeal to people with young children, other might to students and young professionals. There are several neighbourhoods across Brooklyn that have escaped the process of gentrification. They’re a bit secluded and quite quirky, which is exactly the reason for their appeal!

6. Enjoy the view!

New York skyline remains breathtaking to this day. The large number of buildings with rooftop residences means that you will be able to enjoy some vivid sights, especially during sunrise and sundows. These will help you relax and detach yourself from the hctic life in a big city. Everything about Brooklyn is large and imposing – the big bridges, the scyscrapers, the parks. Brooklyn was built to comfortbly house a large number of people, and it does just that.

Enjoy tfe view

Imagine having everything you need in one location: personal space, culture, friendly neighbors, low crime rate, history and who knows what else. Whatever you interests, personal or professional, are, you will soon notice that Brooklyn keeps you busy, entertained and amused, all at the same time.