7 Questions to Ask Moving Companies

Hiring moving companies Brooklyn can be pricy. Not only that but finding the best companies is hard work. You have to put in the effort to make sure you can trust the company you hire. To help you do that, we made this article with 7 questions to ask moving companies before hiring them to make sure you only get the best company. 

1. How much experience does the company have?

Experience is essential, especially when it comes to moving. With experience comes wisdom, which means the more experience the company has, the more qualified it is. Of course, this rule always has exceptions. There are always newer companies that can do a fantastic job. If you want to find out about this in more detail, make sure to ask about companies’ experience in the specific type of moving service NYC you require.

A man in front of a moving van after answering all the questions to ask moving companies
Experience is on of the most important factors for doing a good job

2. Where can I find customer reviews?

Reviews are the best way to choose moving companies. They say a lot more about the company than the years of experience. Some companies publish customer reviews and testimonials on their website. You can also find reviews on other websites, such as Yelp. So why is this a question you should ask moving companies? It shows if they are proud of their work—both the good and the ugly. There are always bad reviews and unsatisfied customers. However, if the company wants to hide their reviews, this can mean that they don’t learn from past mistakes. Online reviews can also be a tool to help you ask moving companies the right questions and see if there has been any change based on past experiences.

The most important questions to ask moving companies about the cost of your move.

When thinking of the right questions to ask moving companies, the two most important things you should have in mind are quality and cost. Those two things are the most important to people. To find out about the end cost of hiring moving companies, we have outlined the most important questions you should ask.

3. Are your moving quotes binding?

Getting moving quotes from companies is usually easy. Knowing the price upfront is crucial since moves can be a costly thing. One of the first questions you should ask moving companies about the cost of your move is this one. Getting the most accurate quote is important. However, if you get a quote upfront, that doesn’t mean that you will be paying that exact price. Ensuring that companies have binding quotes will help you plan your move as best as possible.

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Make sure to ask moving companies all the most important questions regarding the cost so that you avoid wasting your money

Getting binding quotes will most likely depend on how much information you can provide. Remember, you have to get an accurate one to get a binding quote. To make the best quote possible, make sure you provide your Red Hook movers with all possible information. If you cannot provide some of the information they may need, some companies offer on-site quotes. This means that they come to your house or office, take a look, and give you the most accurate feedback.

4. How do you form your moving quotes?

Moving companies differ in the way they form their price. Usually, they base it on a few factors. These include the volume of the items they are moving, distance from and to destination, etc. Long distance movers Brooklyn usually charge by the number of things they carry, while local movers typically charge by the hour. Since moves can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500 for local moves and  $2,200 and $5,700 for long-distance moves, finding out about the factors determining the end cost will help you save money.

5. Are there any additional charges I might not be aware of?

 You should always get quality if you pay more. However, knowing precisely what you are paying for is incredibly important. By asking moving companies this question, you will avoid an awkward situation of finding out all the additional hidden fees on the day of or after your moving day. You may find out that some of the items you plan on moving are priced additionally. This way, you can decide whether or not you want this company moving your belonging or not.

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If you have big or specialty items you want to move, they usually come at an extra cost

6. What type of insurance do you offer?

Make sure you ask about the insurance if an item gets lost or broken. If you are moving fragile or specialty items, having insurance is crucial.  Try to find out if the company has insurance in case a worker gets hurt. This is one of the most important questions to ask moving companies. If the company doesn’t offer worker compensation, the client becomes liable when a worker gets injured on the job. Ask your residential movers Brooklyn what type of insurance they have, both for their workers and clients.

7. What type of licenses do you have?

Asking this question will help you weed out serious moving companies from scams. Depending on the company’s type of service, they have to have all the required licenses. Long-distance and interstate movers all have to have a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) license U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). However, any additional licenses all depend not only on the service but also on location in which the company is registered. Some states require additional registration with state travel authorities, so you should always ask the company whether they are registered and operate with a license.

Hopefully, these 7 questions to ask moving companies will help you find the best moving company for you. Of course, these are not the only questions you should ask. Every move is different, and our best tip for finding moving companies is to find ones that can provide you with satisfying answers to all your questions, especially the ones we outlined.