5 tips to have an eco-friendly move

Moving houses is a huge job that requires lots of planning, time, and money. As well with lots of material you use while preparing and moving. All this material can be harmful to the environment. It might take years and years for it to even start to break down, and some never do. So if you are thinking about ways how to have an eco-friendly move that is an amazing thing for you. Our world deserves to be honored and well kept by us. How exactly can you organize and move to a new place and maybe a new city in order to not pollute? Planning is essential for this. From the beginning stages of preparing your things, picking Brooklyn movers, and packing to transport. You can see how green can you make this relocation with simple yet creative ideas.

Tips to have an eco-friendly move

1. Decluttering before the moving

Starting with a small number of items in your household will make moving easier. But this will also help in keeping your relocation eco-friendly. Over time a lot of stuff is stored and forgotten. We keep things for memories or we think that there will come a time again to use some old items. When the time for moving comes, you realize how much has piled up. So decluttering your home should be a top priority. And, don’t leave it too close to the moving day, because you might become overwhelmed. There is probably going to be too much work and too little time. Also, you might start to reminisce about all the memories that come from items you have. So, for an efficient preparation professional Fort Greene movers will also advise doing this early on.

In order to do this in an eco-friendly manner, you should separate your items by functionality. Everything that can be used again, you can donate somewhere or even sell as used items. Different things can be given away to local shelters, second-hand shops, or your friends and family. If there is an item that you don’t want to keep on using, there is someone who will. Selling used furniture is also a nice little addition to the budget, so why not see if you can do this as well. Things that can’t be used can maybe be recycled. After decluttering everything you will be left with things you really use and you want to keep in your new home. This will allow you to have an easier preparation and move as well. Having fewer items means having less to pack and using less time to load and transport.

decluttering clothes in order to have an eco-friendly move
Decluttering your items will help you prepare for relocation

2. Reuse items as materials

After preparing all the items you will need to pack, make sure you get your packing materials ready. When you buy non-biodegradable packing materials you can create a lot of waste. So, think in another way here. What is everything that you can reuse from items you already have? Sometimes being a little bit creative can do wonderful things. And can help the environment a lot. So, think of all the newspapers or regular papers that you’ve used that can help. You can wrap objects in this instead of buying bubble wrap. Everything in the kitchen, glassware, plates, and other fragile items you can wrap to protect. Preparations for relocation make so much dust around the house. So, instead of using paper rolls to clean this up, you can get old clothes and cut them up into rags.

pen writing on paper
An eco-friendly move is not that hard with some planning

3. Get used boxes to use as an eco-friendly material

Packing your entire home in order to relocate is a big task. The easiest way to do so and have everything protected is to of course pack tightly into boxes. But, buying a lot of boxes to use one time and then throwing them away is not really eco-friendly. Why not think in advance and store away all the boxes you get over the time from different products? You can just take them apart, store and then once the time comes, put them together. You will have perfectly useful boxes to pack in.

If this is not the case for this relocation you are having, don’t worry. You can maybe stop by some local stores and supermarkets and ask them for help. Or your long distance movers Brooklyn has maybe could provide some used boxes as well. Stores usually have used boxes in the back that they might not need. And there you can find your boxes. We know perfect solutions can’t always be true. So, if there is nothing you can do about the first two suggestions, it’s okay. There are reusable boxes on the market to buy and then use later for storing stuff.

4.  How to pack for an eco-friendly move

Packing your items correctly is important in order not to damage your items. As we mentioned before, used boxes are great for packing in an eco-friendly manner. Be sure to have everything protected if there is a higher chance of them breaking or scratching. Instead of filling your pots with a lot of paper, you can use some cloth. Be smart in the ways you use items around you and you will see so much potential. You should treat everything you own as a possible vessel to carry things. Hiring help with packing services Brooklyn offers you will see suitcases and duffle bags work amazingly for transporting things.

woman packing in suitcase to have an eco-friendly move
Reuse everything you can in your home to have an eco-friendly move

5. Move everything in the least trips possible

Transporting your whole home in a few trips can be a very hard thing to do but is essential to have an eco-friendly move. Using professional movers to relocate your home will make this come true. They have a lot of experience with loading everything securely into the truck and transporting it in one trip. If you decide not to use a moving company, think of how much gas affects nature around you. So, try to load everything smart and make the least trips you can. Of course, keep yourself and other people in traffic safe when doing this.