5 reasons you should never use your car to move locally in Brooklyn

Moving, in general, can be a nightmare, and living in a big city like Brooklyn doesn’t make it any easier. It’s easy to resort to simply using your car for local moves due to the convenience. But is it the best option? Brooklyn Movers New York is here to explore five compelling reasons you should never use your car to move locally in Brooklyn, as well as provide tips for finding a reliable moving company.

1. Traffic Congestion

As anyone living in New York will tell you, traffic can get pretty gnarly here at times – especially during peak hours. You don’t want to be that person who causes extra congestion with an overpacked car filled with stuff you’re moving. Instead, opt for alternative transportation methods such as hiring a moving company or using a moving service and avoid the stress of being stuck bumper-to-bumper for hours on end. Also, consider that reputable moving companies have lots of experience maneuvering through cities like Brooklyn so they’re going to move much faster than you would while trying not to scratch up your car doing it.

traffic congestion
Traffic congestion is bad enough on its own, let alone during a move. It’s one of the best reasons you should never use your car to move locally in Brooklyn.

2. Limited Parking

If you’ve ever been to Brooklyn then I’m sure you’re aware that parking can be quite the task – even more so when you’re trying to haul all of your things from one place to another. Finding street parking close enough can become very frustrating very fast and leaving your car unattended while unloading your stuff becomes risky since someone could drive off with your belongings or damage them. Go with a moving service instead and avoid having to find parking altogether, sounds nice right? Reputable moving companies usually have designated loading zones or permits that will allow them to park wherever they need to legally and securely throughout the move.

3. Environmental Impact

Using a gas-powered vehicle for local moves just adds harmful emissions and pollution into the air which doesn’t do our already environmentally struggling city any good. If you want to contribute to the well-being of Brooklyn and its residents, consider using eco-friendly moving options such as renting a cargo bike or using public transportation. Some moving companies even specialize in these types of moves and will utilize electric or hybrid vehicles for them. Make sure you ask about their environmental initiatives when selecting your company so that you can be sure your move is as green as possible.

A fast car emmiting gas
Air pollution is a serious problem we should all be careful about. Making numerous trips with your car is a significant contributor to the issue.

4. Cost Efficiency

You’d think that using your own car would be the most cost-effective option but after factoring in things like gas, parking fees, and wear and tear it becomes pretty hazy. Going with a professional moving service in Brooklyn may seem like an extra expense upfront but it can save you money down the line by eliminating hidden expenses – not to mention lowering the risk of damaging your own vehicle which could lead to some pricey repairs. Also, take into account that reliable moving companies often have transparent pricing structures and customizable packages to fit anyone’s budget or needs. So just know that if you’re worried about finances during this move there are ways around it.

5. Convenience & Peace of Mind

Moving is already a headache — and relying on your own car for transportation can make the whole process even more chaotic. By outsourcing to professionals, you save yourself the stress of heavy lifting and careful packing. These services also provide more time for you to concentrate on other parts of moving, such as settling into your new home or exploring your soon-to-be neighborhood. Reputable moving businesses often offer comprehensive services that will further streamline the process. These may include packing, unpacking, or furniture assembly. With experts handling this work for you, it’s easier than ever to keep cool and find a way through Brooklyn.

a mover leaning on a moving van, signifying how convenience of movers is one of the you should never use your car to move locally in Brooklyn
Renting out a moving van or, better yet, hiring professionals to take care of your items’ transportation will help you organize a stress-free move.

Tips for Finding a Reliable Moving Company

When searching for a reliable moving company, consider these essential tips to ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation experience. If you need to ship your car as part of the move, inquire whether the moving company offers auto transport services. This can streamline the process by allowing you to coordinate both your household belongings and vehicle shipment through the same trusted provider.

1. Research and Compare

Spend some time looking into different companies in Brooklyn before making any decisions! You’ll want to compare their price points as well as their customer reviews and overall reputation. The right choice will have great reviews from happy customers who have moved with them before. Another thing that’s worth asking about is if they offer other useful services such as packing or storage options! Find a company that meets all of these needs so you know for sure that they’ll deliver a successful relocation experience.

2. Ask for Recommendations

Asking around always helps when trying to find any kind of service. If you know anyone who has recently moved within Brooklyn feel free to reach out and ask them how their experience was with different services. Ask about the quality of service and how professional their local Brooklyn movers were, then ask if they were satisfied overall. If you don’t know anyone personally who has moved recently try joining local community groups or forums where people share experiences with different services. The more information you gather the better!

3. Check Credentials

If this is your first time moving within Brooklyn it’s important to make sure that any service you choose is properly licensed and insured! Check for credentials by asking them directly for their license number and insurance information. It’s also not a bad idea to check online databases or contact regulatory agencies to confirm these things with a second source. In fact, some companies are out there with phony licenses so it’s worth doing your due diligence on this front.

4. Get Written Estimates

Get different moving companies to give you their written estimates or set prices in writing and then compare them. Be on guard for any company that gives you a quote that seems too good to be true. They might have hidden fees or be terrible at actually moving things. You need an itemized list of all the charges they’re going to include in their bill. That means finding out what they charge for packing materials, labor, transportation, and other services that they offer. Find out if they will charge you extra for anything like stairs or heavy items. If you understand where all the costs are coming from you can make sure you choose the right company.

A person counting money and thinking about their budget for their upcoming local move
Getting written estimates and working with a company that’s transparent in their pricing will enable you to plan your budget.

5. Review the Fine Print

Before signing anything take some time to read through the contract and see if anything is worrying on there. Double-check their liability coverage so that you know what they will pay for if something gets damaged during transport. Make sure that there aren’t any additional fees hiding within the pages of legal jargon either – it happens more often than you’d think! Look closely at when they say your delivery will arrive as well as how their cancellation policy works and what kind of insurance coverage is provided with them.


There are countless reasons you should never use your car to move locally in Brooklyn, but choosing which company to hire is most important when it comes to ensuring a successful moving experience overall. From cost-efficiency to peace of mind, there are countless ways to find professional help that can improve your move in Brooklyn exponentially — so next time you’re planning a move consider leaving your car behind and let someone else take care of it all!