5 reasons to settle in Brooklyn in 2022

In New York City, Brooklyn is the most populous borough, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a new place to call home, Brooklyn has a reason for you to move there. This up-and-coming borough has quickly risen to become a top New York City destination! If you’re planning a move to Brooklyn, we suggest you start asking moving companies Brooklyn for quotes as soon as possible.  Without further ado, here are our top 5 reasons to settle in Brooklyn in 2022.

Top 5 reasons to settle in Brooklyn in 2022

Brooklyn is one of the trendiest boroughs in New York as well as one of the cheapest. In fact, many people are flocking to Brooklyn from other boroughs in hopes of finding a better deal on an apartment. Williamsburg, for example, has one of the lowest rental rates. Although there are not many historic or high story buildings, we find that Brooklyn is a much better fit for young families.

a man walking on the streets of Brooklyn
Brooklyn is one of the most popular boroughs in NYC.

1. Moving to Brooklyn is a good financial choice

If you’re on a tight budget and want to live in New York City, living in Brooklyn is a better option than living in Manhattan. Brooklyn is a great place to do business and meet people, but if your job is in Manhattan, the commute will be manageable.

Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that Brooklyn real estate prices are on the rise, which means that property values will rise over time. So if you’re on a budget, our residential movers Brooklyn may have some discounts for you too.

2. There is a vibrant arts and culture scene in Brooklyn

When it comes to expressing yourself and staying in touch with your creative side, you can rely on Brooklyn to step up to the plate. Everyone will find something to enjoy!

Music Hall of Williamsburg or Littlefield is two great options for catching a show in the neighborhood without having to travel across the river to Manhattan first. Reflect on some art at the Klompching Gallery, the A.I.R. Gallery, and the New York Transit Museum. Visit the Brooklyn Ballet, Dancewave, or the Mark Morris Dance Center to practice your moves or simply admire live dance. Do what makes you happy, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

3. Stronger sense of community

Residents of Brooklyn’s Borough of Homes and Churches tend to have a strong sense of pride in their home city and a love for it that can’t be found elsewhere. People have more time to get to know one another in a smaller area. You’ll never feel lonely in Brooklyn because of the great food, community events, and arts and culture scene, which make it easy for residents to connect and collaborate.

girls walking on the Brooklyn bridge together
One of the main reasons to settle in Brooklyn in 2022, besides cheaper apartments, is a true sense of community that you can enjoy here.

In a way, Brooklyn is a true hippie paradise. Beards, specialty coffee, man buns, and making fashion statements are some of your favorite things. Many New Yorkers believe Manhattan to be the epicenter of the city’s culture, but 67% of Brooklynites disagree. Brooklyn’s streets are lined with a variety of hip shops, live music venues, and artisanal coffee shops. If you’d like to move to Brooklyn yourself, you can rely on moving service NYC to move you swiftly and safely.

4. The food scene in Brooklyn is amazing

The food scene in Brooklyn is absolutely jaw-dropping. You can find anything you could ever want in basically every block. It’s an ideal place to live for every food lover. About 20,000-30,000 people visit Smorgasburg, the largest weekly open-air food market in the United States, every weekend to sample the wares of over 100 local vendors. The cuisine is exceptional and incredibly diverse, allowing you to sample flavors you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Prospect Park, on the other side of the East River from Manhattan’s magnificent skyline, is the perfect setting for this event.

Another must-visit for food lovers in Brooklyn is DeKalb Market Hall. One of Brooklyn’s most popular hotspots, Bunker in Bushwick, and the southern-inspired Wilma Jean in Carroll Gardens are just a few of over 40 vendors in this 60,000-square-foot food hall. At A Taste of Katz’s, New Yorkers can enjoy Katz’s famous Brooklyn sandwiches without having to make the long trip to Manhattan.

5. More space to move

In Brooklyn, it is more common for apartments to have a shared outdoor area, such as a rooftop or backyard. It’s possible to be a part of the action of New York City while still enjoying a more laid-back atmosphere in Brooklyn. There are fewer people in the parks, more open space, and a more tranquil atmosphere to be found here.

The views

Additionally, you’ll likely have some amazing views from your rooftop or your apartment. Unobstructed night sky and Manhattan views from across the East River are unquestionably Brooklyn’s greatest advantages. The abundance of skyscrapers in Manhattan makes it difficult to see the entire island’s length, despite the spectacular views. New York City’s skyline can be seen from all parts of Brooklyn. The views of Manhattan from a rooftop bar or terrace are unrivaled anywhere else in the city.

rooftop views in Brooklyn are another one of our top reasons to settle in Brooklyn in 2022
You could be waking up to this magical view every day if you choose to relocate to Brooklyn.

These are only a few reasons to settle in Brooklyn in 2022. Brooklyn is home to some of the most beautiful neighborhoods. Bushwick and Williamsburg have seen their population explode in recent years as Brooklyn has become the city’s go-to location for young families, young professionals, hipsters, and artists. If you’d like to join them, feel free to call long distance movers Brooklyn to help you out. Brooklyn is a world-class destination in its own right, but most people associate New York City with the excitement and luxury of living in the bustling streets of Manhattan.