5 reasons to live in Gowanus

When looking for a new place to move to, you should think about it very well. You will relocate your whole life to that place, and probably spend a part of your life there. For that reason, it needs to be a decision that is made after a lot of research. Are you looking for the right reasons to live in Gowanus? Is it a good place for you? Only you can answer these questions because it depends on your lifestyle and preferences. As stated above, before taking such a big leap, make sure that you investigate and know what you are getting into. We also recommend hiring Brooklyn Movers New York if you do decide to move to Gowanus. This guide will help you with that by listing the benefits of living in this Brooklyn neighborhood.

General information about Gowanus

Gowanus is a neighborhood in New York City, more precisely in Brooklyn. It has a population of a little bit above 20,000 residents. By some sources, it is considered to be one of the best places to live in this city, but you won’t know it until you see it for yourself. Most people living here inhabit rented homes. Relocating here with one of the Gowanus movers will offer you a dense urban feel. If entertainment is what you are looking for, this can be one of the reasons to live in Gowanus. Recently, this neighborhood started getting new coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. It certainly doesn’t lack nightlife options. Gowanus is a place for young people who want to advance in their careers.

Picture of brown brick buildings
Gowanus has plenty of entertainment options

Bad reputation until recently

Until recently, Gowanus had a bad reputation to it. This is mainly due to the toxic water canal that can be found there. But in the past few years, the government is putting effort into cleaning this body of water. This once industrial part of Brooklyn is getting lots of new luxury rental buildings, because of the investors that got interested in this place.

The top 5 reasons to live in Gowanus

If you consider relocating here with one of the furniture movers NYC, you should know the reasons to live in Gowanus. The most important ones are:

  • The charm of this neighborhood
  • The lifestyle
  • Gowanus has an interesting history
  • It is well connected
  • Housing is affordable

The charm of this neighborhood is one of the reasons to live in Gowanus

Gowanus is a creative, stylish crowd located in the heart of old school industrial Brooklyn. You won’t notice much of its charm until you start discovering it bit by bit. This part of the city started getting attention just recently, so it’s still in the phase of light manufacturing. Once you wander its streets, you will be able to find carefully crafted and beautiful buildings. Despite its bad reputation, Gowanus is attracting young people who are moving here every day. On condition that you want to join this trend, make sure to contact one of the residential movers NYC.  It is considered a haven for New York’s creative communities, so if you are an artistic soul, you will feel welcome and at home here.

Couple relocating after discovering all the good reasons to live in Gowanus
Gowanus is attracting lots of young people

The lifestyle

Since it is a crowded, urban neighborhood, it mostly attracts young people who crave entertainment and action. But you can see strollers in the streets more and more often, which means that it is starting to get attractive for people with families also. Even though it’s crowded, it offers people an intimate feeling, and people are happy to be living here. The main reason that attracts young artists to Gowanus is its inexpensive rent. Another strange nature it has is the Gowanus Canal, which some people love and some don’t.

This neighborhood has a history

As you might suspect, this area once was very industrial. For that reason, the canal was so polluted that it had a lavender color to it. The converted warehouses and rowhouses are the only thing that is left from that era. If you would ask your parents or grandparents about Gowanus, they would give you a completely different picture from what it is today. An industrial neighborhood turned into a hotbed for hipsters and cool kids. Quite a change, don’t you think?

Gowanus has good connections

Gowanus neighborhood boundaries are almost a perfect rectangle spanning from the north at Baltic Street, to the south at Prospect Expressway, to the west at Smith & Hoyt Streets, and the east to 4th Avenue. Its proximity to subway-free Red Hook might make you think that it’s difficult to get around. But that is so not true. With three major trains passing through Gowanus, it’s quite easy to get anywhere, which can be one of the good reasons to live in Gowanus. But to know all the train connections, you need to get to know the neighborhood, which will take time.

Housing is affordable

The average monthly rent you would pay if you moved into a rented apartment would be around $3000. The cost varies depending on the quality, location, and size of the place. This price is for the average-sized apartment, which would be around 650 square feet. The size can also vary, from cheap to luxurious housing opportunities. Studio apartments are the most affordable, one-bedroom apartments are the average, while two and three-bedroom apartments offer the most space, but obviously for a higher price. Even though it might seem much, remember that it is New York City that we are talking about, where the monthly rent can be as high as $8000.

Dollar bills on a white surface
Housing is considered affordable in Gowanus

5 reasons to live in Gowanus – conclusion

Although many people don’t like it, mostly for the polluted Gowanus Canal, you might be able to find reasons to live in Gowanus. It has interesting things to offer, for sure. But as we stated before, the decision depends on you and your wishes. So if you decide to relocate here, make sure to contact us. We hope you will have a successful relocation.