5 Challenges of moving a large business 

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to anticipate any risk that may end up hurting your business. Risk management, as well as knowing when to take advantage of an opportunity, is what makes great businesses – which is exactly what brings you here. You’ve taken advantage of an opportunity to move your business, and we congratulate you on that. But moves can be risky. So to help you with that, our team at Brooklyn Movers New York is here to help you with the 5 challenges of moving a large business. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Challenges of moving a large business – overloading the truck

During the first stage of the move, you might get an idea that you can save on your move if you just reduce the number of moving trucks it will take. Sure, you start with one, but after that, it’s a slippery slope. Overloading your truck can lead to many issues. The first one being, of course, is property damage. Commercial movers Brooklyn NY, always recommend leaving the loading to the experts. That means you shouldn’t try to save money on space because, more often than not, it means more costs down the line.

A moving truck that will help you with challenges of moving a large business
Making sure everything is safe when loading the moving truck should be your number one concern

Overloaded trucks are even more difficult to move and unload. Unless you have a storage or parking space for all the trucks, it’s important to keep everything moving. That means if there are fewer items to unload, it’s easier for a truck to be coming in and going more easily. This can save you on manpower which in turn saves you money.

2. Productivity losses

This one is a bit obvious. One of the most frequent challenges of moving a large business is the sheer time and effort it takes to pack everything. If you relay this job to your employees, you risk productivity losses for your business. Packing services Brooklyn are the best way to avoid this. When hiring movers and packers, there is one crucial thing you should have in mind. That is that they have the expertise you probably don’t and can use it to your advantage. What that means is they are able to figure out the best packing and moving strategy for your business that will cause you the least amount of productivity loss, both short and long term.

A laptop on a desk in front of a window
Having your employees work from home can help with the challenges of moving a large business

These strategies usually include moving on weekends. While it may cost more, it is more affordable than losing work days and profit during those days. If your business operates from an office, this challenge might be easier to avoid. Switching to working from home for most of your employees would be the best option. Moving on weekends and packing on weekdays is possible this way.

3. Not being flexible

Now this might be a challenge for everyone involved. Moves are complex and especially when it comes to large businesses. And not being flexible during this complex process will prove to be a challenge. While it’s important for you to set a budget, timeframe and any additional demands it’s important that they are realistic. Demanding perfection from your employees during this process may prove to be a bad choice that may come back to haunt you.

What does flexibility really look like when moving a large business? Setting aside a time frame that includes any additional lost time in traffic, weather conditions, or similar. You should be aware that even the best furniture movers Brooklyn, can’t control time or traffic. Demanding moves to be done with surgical precision will only cause you and your employees much undue stress.

4. Keeping everyone on the same page

Keeping everyone in the loop and on the same page during a move is a difficult task. You have to communicate with parties on all sides during the whole relocation process. The most frequent of challenges of moving a large business is this one. Keeping everyone informed at all times is near to impossible if you have multiple things on your mind, like running a business and managing a move. Luckily there are ways you can overcome this challenge of moving a large business.

Firstly, online communication through chat groups is a great way of sharing important information and deadlines. While it may not be the most professional way of handling it, it is certainly one of the most efficient ones. Secondly, hiring a relocation manager can certainly help ease a lot of responsibility. With a relocation manager, you can leave the bothersome details aside while you deal with the larger picture of running a business.

5. Not hiring local movers

When it comes to the challenges of moving a large business, nothing is as important as hiring the right movers for the job.  The biggest of all challenges you can face when moving a large business is not having the right person for the job. This can mean all sorts of things. From finding only the best movers, reliable ones with the best reviews. But one aspect that is overlooked is hiring local movers.

Close-Up Shot of a Man Riding a van
Hiring local movers is always the smart choice, whether for commercial or residential moves

Let’s say you are moving your business to Carroll Gardens. What you want to do is to hire only Carroll Gardens movers. The simple reason behind this is you can avoid many of the challenges we mentioned by hiring local experienced movers. With local movers, you can preempt the challenging traffic. You can avoid the risk of your items getting lost in transit. And you can even improve your chances of staying on time and within budget.

Final thoughts on challenges of moving a large business

There you have it. 5 most frequent challenges of moving a large business and how you can overcome them. We are sure this article helped you in many ways. More than that, we are sure that you are ready to take on any challenge that this relocation may have in store for you. After all, it takes a lot to run a large business, and seizing the opportunity of relocating may prove to be one of the best decisions you make.