10 Fun Things to Do With Kids in Brooklyn

You are living in Brooklyn with your family? Or you plan to move to Brooklyn soon? It doesn’t matter, in both cases, you got so many reasons to be happy. Your kids will be happy, too, because there are so many things to do with kids in Brooklyn. Brooklyn and its neighborhoods can offer a lot to its residents. Each neighborhood has its distinctions and unique features. Our warm recommendation is to research most of the neighborhoods before you make a final decision. It is important to consider all your needs and priorities. Consequently, you should consider real estate prices compared to your budget. Above all, your own happiness is directly connected with the happiness of your children. But don’t worry, Brooklin is a place where you will find happiness for all family members.

Kids friendly neighborhoods

Not only that moving is demanding, but also moving with children is specific in every way. Obviously, your responsibility is much bigger. Even if you already live in Brooklyn, it is not so easy. Are you going to find another neighborhood that is more suitable for your family? Don’t be afraid, it is very possible. Many of Brooklyn kids friendly neighborhoods are waiting for you. Besides a perfect new home and neighboorhood, you can enjoy fun things to do with kids in Brooklyn.

FunThings to Do With Kids in Broklyn
Find the best Brooklyn neighborhood to move to with your family.


Get ready for adventures and enjoy fun things to do with kids in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become one of the most widely visited places in America. Consequently, Brooklyn is an excellent opportunity to provide your children with a good life. Apart from its schools, kindergartens and after schools activities, they will adore, there are so many beautiful places. Museums, animals, botanical gardens, amusement parks. Even a beach visit here as exciting for kids as for grownups. So many fantastic weekends you can spend here are expecting you. 

Kids in adventure
New places can be a real adventure for children.


The best things to do with kids in Brooklyn

Don’t skip the next things to do with kids in Brooklyn:

  • Walk Coney Island’s Boardwalk

  • Ride the Famous Cyclone Rollercoaster

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Water Lab

  • The chocolate store Jacques Torres Chocolates

  • The Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Cherry Blossom Festival

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is one of the most magnificent places in Brooklyn, indeed. The unforgettable way to experience Japanese culture in Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Choose spring for visiting and don’t miss the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. Check www.bbg.org for the  Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s other family activities.

Cherry Blossom Flowers
Your kids will be in love with the smell of Cherry Blossom Flowers.


Mini Golf at Industry City, Sunset Park

Nestled in one of the courtyards is a small mini-golf course where locals and visitors take their kids. After mini-golf, all of you should head to the nearby ping pong room for more fun. Probably you will get hungry and it is an opportunity to visit nice restaurants here. Sunset Park is known for its Latin and Asian communities, so try to not to miss ethnic foods from the large food court.

Puppet Show at Puppetworks

Park Slope is your next destination. The Puppetworks foundation in the Brooklyn community of Park Slope. This family-oriented Brooklyn community is a place where kids can enjoy a genuine marionette puppet show. Shows are short and perfect for little ones.

Prospect Park Zoo

If you looking for interesting things to do with kids in Brooklin, don’t skip Prospect Park Zoo. The affordably priced zoo is a great place where they can pet and feed little pigs, alpacas, and sheep. Moreover, Rare Pallas’ Cats will leave a memorable image in the minds of children old enough to realize how special and rare they are.

Sharks at the New York Aquarium

As the city’s only aquarium, Brooklyn’s New York Aquarium is the place for lovers of the aquarium and the underwater world. An amazing experience is scary sharks and sea lion shows. Additionally, you will find rays and giant turtles here. Definitely, one of the best things to do with kids in Brooklyn.