10 Facts about Brooklyn that will blow your mind

There are more than 10 facts about Brooklyn that will blow your mind. However, our team of experts has decdied to focus on 10 facts for now and, perhaps, more will come later! This amazing borough of New York is simply inviting you to move there. So, without any other ado, let us see what makes Brooklyn amazing, shall we?

10 facts about Brooklyn that you need to know

Before you think about how to pick the right size moving boxes in Brooklyn, think about why you should be moving to Brooklyn in the first place. If you can’t think of some good reasons, here are our top 5 facts to help you out:

  1. Brooklyn is the biggest borough in NYC. As the biggest borough in New York City, Brooklyn attracts many people from all walks of life. There is simply everything to be had/seen there.
  2. The location is amazing. Brooklyn is situated in between Manhattan, Staten island and Queens. Thus, you could visit any of the there boroughs if you move there.
  3. The food in Brooklyn is to die for. Well, not literally to die for, but you understand what we have in mind! Since Brooklyn is so big, it has a lot of different cuisines for you to pick from! You can find everything there – from Mediterranean to Asian and Arabic! Contact Brooklyn Movers New York and allow them to relocate you there. You will not regret it!
  4. The people are amazing as well. Most believe that people of New York in general are cold and always in a hurry. Well, this is certainly not true! Brooklyn has some of the most hospitable people in the entire City of New York!
  5. Plenty of business opportunities. You can find everything in Brooklyn in terms of profession – from the best IT experts to reputable piano movers. There is a job for everyone there!
A shoreline view of Brooklyn
You’ll enjoy the Brooklyn view.

What are you waiting for? Rent the best storage Brooklyn and plan your relocation! In the meantime, feel free some of the interesting facts about Brooklyn as well:

  1. Brooklyn has 30 miles of shoreline! There are amazing beaches in Brooklyn and many visitors prefer to spend lazy days on some of them!
  2. Brooklyn was once a city. Brooklyn was once a city separate from New York. However, in 1898, Brooklyn merged with NYC!
  3. There are from 600-1000 cultural institution in Brooklyn. A large borough such as Brooklyn has a lot of cultural institutions! Did you visit any of them?
  4. The first roller coaster was made in Brooklyn. This is one of the more interesting facts about this amazing borough.
  5. Brooklyn started off as a farming village. In the early 17th century, Brookyln was settled by the Dutch farmers and it was a farming village at first named Breuckelen.
The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks of Brooklyn


Overall, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed our top 10 facts about Brooklyn. We also hope that our short guide will help you decide to make Brooklyn your new home! In any case, you will not be disappointed with this amazing part of NYC!